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Alessia Kernot - Hypnotherapist

Dee Why Natural Health & Healing
Suite 17B, 818 Pittwater Rd
Dee Why NSW 2099

Servicing area: Dee Why, New South Wales

Alessia Kernot - Hypnotherapist

Healing is a natural process which takes place when the barriers to health are removed. The role of the Psychophysical Therapist is to ensure that the energy flows so that the person can allow themselves to be well. 

Alessia Kernot - Hypnotherapist - Psychophysical Healing

What is Psychophysical Healing?

Psychophysical healing works on the bio-energetic field of the body. It safely removes any built up blockages within the energy fields that have produced emotional, mental, or physical traumas. It can produce a feeling of wellbeing and lightness which follows from the freedom of energy flowing through the whole system. Many illnesses and diseases first present themselves as an imbalance in the bio-energetic field before showing themselves as physical symptoms. Psychophysics is also used in many mind-body therapies such as the Hakomi Method, Somatic Experiencing, Rubenfield Synergy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and other modalities.

What can Psychophysical healing work on?

  • Removing blockages & restoring energy

  • Opening up new channels that were once blocked

  • Releasing emotional blockages

  • Maintaining health and wellbeing

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