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Member since 2011

Alison Hickey

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Alison offers uplifting and insightful readings from Spirit, deep and profound energy healings, personalised Spirit Guide Drawings and meditation classes. If you are seeking direction, deep healing of the past and a greater sense of connection, Alison can tailor a healing program for you.

Alison Hickey

Are you seeking something more in life?
Have you been feeling ‘stuck’ or lost?
Have you been battling anxiety, depression, low self-esteem or negative thought patterns?
Do you long to express yourself and create a life that reflects your Highest Self?

Alison Hickey's transformational healing services, incorporating energy healing, readings from Spirit, Spirit Guide Drawings and meditation can help you unblock and raise your energy and connect with your Highest Self.

Alison is currently available for Spirit readings and healings from 3pm-9pm at Sentient Being, Eltham. Please call 9431 3950 to book an appointment.

Energy Healing
Energy healing works gently on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels to clear blockages and bring positivity and light into your life. A number of energy healing techniques, including Reiki, sound healing and crystal healing are combined to create a truly personal healing experience.

You will experience deep relaxation, a strong sense of clarity and a profound change in your energy.

Readings from Spirit
Receiving healing, insightful and uplifting messages from the loving realms of Spirit can help you release negative experiences and thought patterns from the past, gain a sense of direction and purpose, and help guide you towards the life you want to live.

A number of techniques may be utilised as guided by Spirit, including oracle cards, ribbon readings, psychometry, aura readings, Spirit art and meditation journeys.

Personalised Spirit Guide Drawings
A drawing of your Spirit Guide can help you to connect more deeply and open up the channels for receiving guidance and insight.

Alison can create a personal spirit guide drawing, soul drawing, or transformational mandala just for you. The work is channelled from Spirit to create personal pieces for healing and transformation.

Each artwork comes with a 1-2 page written reading from Spirit to interpret its meaning for you.

Meditation and Spiritual Development Circles
Experience the power of a spiritual development circle as your development is accelerated in a loving group energy.

Classes are centred around guided meditations with the aim of receiving insight and opening your connection with Spirit. You will also learn a range of spiritual development exercises in a fun and nurturing environment, including card readings, aura reading, psychometry, mandalas, chanting, and much more.

Alison currently runs a meditation and spiritual development circle on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm-9pm at Sentient Being, Eltham. Please call 9431 3950 to secure your place.

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About Alison
Alison Hickey is a gifted and experienced spiritual healer, medium, Spirit artist, and meditation facilitator.

Alison has studied advanced mediumship, personal development facilitation, Reiki, pranic healing and meditation, and has further
developed her abilities through her own healing work and spiritual development journey.

Alison is committed to sharing her gifts with others and would love to assist you on your journey.

“The experience was transformative. As Alison moved her hands over my body, I could sense the energy coming from her... I could feel energy opening and moving fluidly around me… The next morning when I woke, I realized that a life decision that had been confusing me for some time was suddenly and brilliantly clear... Alison has a unique and powerful gift and I would highly recommend her to any client."
V.C., Texas, USA

“Following a reading I feel a sense of renewed energy and a more focused direction… The Reiki treatments not only provided a deeply relaxing and peaceful experience, but the shift in energy experienced throughout and afterwards are truly powerful... Alison is a talented medium, with amazing insight, communication, knowledge and compassion.”
M.H., Brunswick, Victoria

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