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Abigail Ankers

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Depression, anxiety, self esteem, relationship issues, family breakdowns, parenting - children/adolescent bullying, self harm, learning issues, workplace issues. Counselling, EFT, Hypnotherapy.

About Us

WELCOME To Alive Solutions...
At Alive Solutions sessions are structured around supporting you to understand the underlying purpose or root cause of any issue, and releasing it. Issues supported are many and varied, no matter how complex, overwhelming or long term the process is effective and will create immediate and ongoing change.


You will experience immediate and long-term shifts.

All emotional issues are learnt behaviour, many emotions we experience as adults can be traced back to childhood. When you are a child just as you learn the alphabet and your colours you also learn how to respond emotionally to situations. As a small child you grow very quickly and the brain develops and grows quickly, storing pathways;emotional responses to 'triggers'.

Of course we resolve some of these patterns over time however others are deeply embedded and no longer work for us as adults. Almost every client I see has the same 'emotional patterns' repeating throughout their life. To understand this you need to look at the feeling the current situation in your life brings up for you.

Once you have identified this feeling you need to recall other times in your life when you felt similar. A very brief example might be, being overlooked in a work situation, then feeling angry, undervalued and wanting to walk away from the job. If we were to look back we might find this person was a middle child, the 'good' child, who often felt not heard due to the outspoken older sibling and the younger 'baby' sibling.

Although it might seem minor the above example illustrates briefly what happens. The frustrated 'good' child who does not know how to be heard with two demanding siblings would become stressed. This stress then triggers the flight, fight or freeze response in the body. When the child became stressed they might run and hide (flight).

As an adult in a work situation with more demanding colleagues this situation may tap into the earlier formed pathways of not being heard, not saying anything due to the stress and wanting to leave the job (flight).

The reason counselling alone will not heal these issues easily is because you didn't get in this situation by talking about it. You didn't think yourself into this situation when you were a child. Your emotional responses are part of you and your bodies response to 'triggers' - (the example above the trigger is not being heard).

Most clients I see have some understanding of why their issues are presenting. What they don't have is a way to release the emotions once they are understood.

This is where EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Hypnotherapy bring about significant change. EFT and Hypnotherapy release the bodies emotional responses, they process the emotion.

These techniques are non invasive and bring immediate and long term change. Your life will change for the better and you will move forward with peace and confidence.

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Qualification details

  • Bachelor SOCIAL WELFARE,
  • Diploma SOCIAL SCIENCE, major – Group Dynamics
  • EFT & Alpha Repatterning Practitioner Level 3
  • Workplace Trainer
  • Mediator - Conflict Solvers
  • Certificate - Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate – Numerology, Intuitive Development, Marketing Management

  • Dr Dave Ziegler of Jasper Mountain – Oregon USA – Attachment and Trauma
  • Dr Aaron Frost – QLD – Conduct disorder
  • Clinical Supervision – Dr Susan Lewis – Victoria
  • Australian Childhood Foundation – Trauma. Kinship. Permanent Care
  • Caraniche - Reflective Practice/motivational interviewing
  • Anglicare – Victoria – More than Mainstream – Dyslexia/visual & auditory processing disorders
  • Prime Focus – Creating a therapeutic treatment Plan within residential and foster programs
  • Dr Edward Tronick – USA – stress, resilience and infant mental health: Understanding the lifespan implications of social-emotional development and self-regulatory processes in normal and compromised children.

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