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Looking for a professional Sports Injury Therapy or Biomesotherapy Treatment in the greater St Kilda area? Then look no further than at All In One. Servicing people of all ages in the greater St Kilda area.

ALL IN ONE - Sports Injury Therapy

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St Kilda, Victoria

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Nervous system Private health Wellness Sprains Stress management Emotions

In my practice, I use a combination of deep tissue massage, Chinese cupping and when required Biomesotherapy.


Biomesotherapy is a Natural treatment which entails the use of combination of acupuncture and Homoeopathy. Biomesotherapy stimulates your body's own healing capacity. The body is encouraged to start healing itself.

The practitioner can also approach the body by working on the `major computer,' which consists of several bodily systems including the brain and nervous system.

Biomesotherapy aims to normalise nervous system imbalance.

Ankle Sprains

Swelling and pain are the symptoms that most require medical assistance. Traumeel (one of the many remedies used) has been shown to be effective for both pain and oedema after injury.

Knee Injuries

Many knee-injuries result in major impairment of articular function and subsequent gonarthritis. This in turn is one of the leading causes for surgery. Inflammation to the area is the main source of pain for patients, and serves as a gauge for the extent of joint surgery required. Use of Biomesotherapy treatment can result in avoiding major surgery.

In cases of mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee, Zeel comp. N is equivalent in efficacy to the COX 2 inhibitors. Zeel comp. N's better tolerability, along with the possibility of avoiding side effects and related costs and improving compliance.

Kinesilogy, Herbal Medicine & Homeopathy

Stressed? Anxious? Depressed?

Don’t fight it alone come and do a mood appraisal and see how your brain neuron levels are sitting. You may just be low on Dopamine or Serotonin. With a simple questionnaire we can estimate low levels of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids which your body may be lacking that are essential for correct brain function.

I can then Kinesiology muscle test your exact requirements to help you through the hard times and allow your body to take over again once replenished. The mood appraisal may lead to yet another very helpful tool the Bach flowers.

Bach flowers a very gentle yet powerful form of Homoeopathy keep our mind in a positive state at all times. Herbal medicine may be required in the short term to allow the body to recover.


Up to 30 Minutes - $70
Up to 45 Minutes - $95
Up to 60 Minutes - $120

For more information about any of the services I offer or to organise a consultation, please TEXT 0417 577 317 or submit an enquiry through either the 'send me details' or 'request an appointment' buttons.