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All That Is Healing

Talia Stephens

Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

All That Is Healing

Healing can transform our lives by freeing us from old beliefs and thought patterns that hinder our growth and success. It releases us from fears of moving forward and burdens of the past to allow for a clearer vision for our future. 

Healing helps to quieten the control of the mind so we can be centred in the heart. When we live from the heart we live with passion, purpose and truth.

All That Is Healing

What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing is a powerful technique that allows you to connect with the deepest truth of who you are. It reminds us how phenomenally powerful we are as individuals to change our own lives and our surroundings by taking responsibility for what we are creating. By locating the reasons why we create chaos and the things we say we don’t want, we can quickly and gently transform these old programs and beliefs, making way for the things we actually do want to experience in life.

We use meditation, the Theta brainwave, focused thought and intuition to create lasting change. It is healing and the more heavy beliefs and experiences you clear, the better, lighter and more positive and empowered you feel.

There is a lot that we can achieve in even just one session.

Your Teacher & Practitioner - Talia Stephens

For myself, this modality has helped to heal deep emotional wounds, improve my health and quality of life, help me out of depression and release self-sabotaging programmes and beliefs I had that made me feel stuck. It was a complete paradigm shift into more positive thinking, the feeling of connectedness and taking responsibility for what I was manifesting in my life.

I have been a practitioner for two years and I have recently gained my qualifications as an instructor through my trip to Mexico where I learnt directly from the creator of the modality, Vianna Stibal.

I want to share this amazing energy with you. I know there are answers and healing available for you here and now. I work with awakening masters who will achieve great things in this life time but who feel deeply the pain of the world and sometimes struggle to make sense of it all. If you have goals that you want to accomplish, if you want to gain clarity on your purpose, if you feel stuck, if you have suffered past trauma or illness, or if you just want to feel better...l am here to help.

Together we can:

  • clear limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving your goals

  • get out of a "rut" or the feeling of being "stuck"

  • gain more clarity on your purpose and what you want out of life

  • have a feeling of peace, release resistance and be in the present moment

  • gain more clarity and healing with relationships

  • have a more abundant mindset so you can recognise and attract better opportunities

  • heal past traumas

  • clear energetic blockages in your body that may prevent physical healing

  • clear negative energies attached to a home or space


This is the main modality that I use and I love it. It has worked so beautifully in my own life and I am so excited to share it with you. I am a qualified teacher and practitioner in the field.

ThetaHealing is a focused meditation that allows you to train your mind, body and spirit to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through this meditation technique we can create a positive lifestyle with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is. It works on a molecular level where beliefs that no longer serve you can be easily transformed.

Astral Meditation

I teach and facilitate astral workshops. It is a unique opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals to explore beyond your physical senses, obtain first hand knowledge of your existence, help to align you with your purpose, increase your psychic abilities, increase knowledge and wisdom, receive healing and increase self responsibility for the co-creation of your experiences.  In the raising of your vibration you can experience the astral plane more vividly, experience more passion and purpose in your life and be in alignment with your dreams and goals. You will have the opportunity to be supported and to support your fellow travellers in an environment that feels safe and encouraging as you align with more of the truth of who you are.

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni is still fairly new to Australia but is very ancient. It is a gentle yet potent energy healing modality which utilises an extremely high vibration. This can be done in person either lying down or in a comfortable chair or via a distant healing and is blissfully relaxing. Most of the session is done hands off except for shoulders knees and feet. It helps to open up your heart centre. When we are living from the heart we make decisions from the heart and see the world around us with more love and compassion. It helps us to release all fear based ways of thinking and negativity, opens you up to your truth with love and compassion. It helps you to live more from your heart and flow in sync with your purpose.

By Appiontment only. 

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