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Specialising in helping you to regain clarity and perspective in your life - no matter your age!

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Well-being Energy blocks Physical pain Love Aches & pains Stress management

Are you struggling with grief, stress, physical aches & pains, tension, anxiety, insomnia, divorce & moving forward and self esteem?
Do you want to grow spiritually, let go of past traditions & obsolete patterns, have balanced energy, release blocks, clear Auric tears, have clarity and be more calm and relaxed?

If so then a professional Innate Healing session at Yew Heal is perfect for you. Our therapist Robyn offers a range of affordable Energy Healing services, to individuals of all ages who live in the greater Mornington Peninsula area. Perfect to assist with blockages in your life, health, relationships and work, these healing sessions are gentle enough for people of all ages to benefit from.

Services On Offer
  • Aromatherapy
  • Energy Healing
  • Innate Healing
  • Children's Health


Call Robyn on 0423 593 374 t organise your next Innate Healing treatment


About Me - Robyn Harding

As a qualified Innate Healing Therapist, I assist you in evolving, learning, growing, and ultimately finding You! Through Energetic Healing techniques I clear blockages in your life, work, and relationships. Rediscover your motivation and refocus on your life goals.Robyn Harding

As a child I often felt different from my peers. Looking back, I realise that I was prone to feeling the pain of those around me and perceiving the unspoken motivations beneath what they said and did. At that stage I did not understand my gifts, and it would be years before I began to fully appreciate the power of these innate abilities.

I have followed a variety of career paths, giving me a broad understanding of people from many walks of life. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and Linguistics, a diploma in Montessori Education, and financial diplomas in Bookkeeping, Financial Accounting and Business Accounting Software Consultant. My past experience means I am equally comfortable connecting with a client having trouble in the office or with a distressed parent.

Common to everything I have done is a desire to help those in need. I truly believe in the ideal of making the world a better place for us all, in any way we can.

My lifelong interest in the care of our bodies, from daily diet to medication, led me to become a Medical Representative for a number of years. I also established and ran a successful Montessori pre-school. Both of these careers brought me closer to my goal of providing a form of critical health care to people, with a focus on kids growing up healthy and stable in both body and mind.

During my time as a teacher, two things stood out for me; I was often able to reach the more “difficult” children easily and help them develop and settle at school, and I was regularly sought out by parents for both school-related chats and deeper, more personal talks in which I was able to leave them feeling more positive and calm than they frequently were beforehand.

Stepping back from the school I had built was not easy for me, but I knew that I needed to devote more time to study and the development of my skills as an Energy Therapist. After I qualified, I began my own Innate Therapy practice in which I have been able to offer support, healing, and positive change to children, parents, employees, business owners, professionals, and many others.

For me, the business of living is a matter of evolving, learning and growing. The Yew tree continually adapts to its environment, finding new pathways for growth, overcoming obstacles. The new springs from the old, and its history is a visible testament to its strength. The yew, like us, is a constantly evolving being.

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