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Alpha Hypnotics

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Doncaster VIC 3108

Servicing area: Doncaster, Victoria

Alpha Hypnotics

Clients under hypnosis – whether past life or otherwise – are able to recall events, dates, names of people and places, including feelings such as pain, happiness, sadness and love.

Alpha Hypnotics

Past Life Regression

Using hypnosis for past life regression clients can learn the origin of any current-life issues or challenges. It is used to release or manage physical and emotional issues along with dysfunctional behaviours. Highly effective for the improvement of the client as well by enhancing performance, skills, relationships, and overall health.


  • Simply accessing the past life memory can bring about changes in present lives and circumstances

  • Creating closer connection and bonds to persons within present lives

  • Overcome physical conditions and phobias

  • Freedom from deep-seated emotional and psychological dysfunctional issues

  • Fulfilment of inner-most personal needs

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