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Alstonville Remedial Massage

Hands on Healing: Be held in stillness

Sacred Esoteric Healing, Meditation & Energetic Facial Release

What is Sacred Esoteric Healing?

Sacred Esoteric Healing is the gentle application of hands on techniques which are applied to the client fully clothed.

It offers an opportunity to stop and be still, in the sanctuary of your own body, with the support of your practitioner. This is something we often think about giving to ourselves but are somehow unable to. Warm blankets and eye pillows are applied over specific parts of the body to assist you to relax and let go, supporting you to drop into the calm within.

You will experience the warmth, stillness and holding of Emma's hands; the touch is deeply nurturing and felt as an all-encompassing feeling of being met and held in love.

Drawing on Ancient Wisdom, the techniques remove disharmonious energetic stressors, which occur from the build-up of emotional tension over time. People often experience sensations of pulsing, tingling and twitching as the body re-configures.

The sessions re-establish connection and vitality in the body, so that you can feel lighter, brighter and more YOU. Your experience of Sacred Esoteric Healing will deepen over time.

This is a deeply restorative experience and offers an opportunity for reflection and insight; to gain clarity and understanding by gaining deeper awareness of the emotions, attitudes and beliefs that contribute to the dis-ease you are experiencing. The word 'Esoteric' does not mean 'hidden' or 'obscure' as many may believe. It in fact refers to this still place of repose within us all. Sacred Esoteric Healing does not seek to 'fix' or to 'cure', but rather seeks to identify the root energetic cause of conditions and disharmony.

It facilitates an opportunity for change; to break free from repeating patterns that we want to change but find ourselves stuck in. It allows you to re-turn to your life with greater awareness which is the greatest gift you can give yourself because this empowers you to make truly supportive choices.

Esoteric Healing is thus an important part of life, providing a way to support yourself to live with greater self honesty, and developing a depth of self relationship that is sacred and knows the true way to be in life.

The sessions are deeply supportive for anyone experiencing emotional stress, nervous tension, grief, anxiety & depression, as well as physical tension, fatigue, low immunity, digestive problems, migraines, fertility issues and other systemic conditions.

Emotional Wellbeing & Lifestyle Support

Balancing the demands of work, family, social activities, exercise and eating healthily, often we find areas that are neglected or non-existent. And our emotional wellbeing can suffer as it is easy to live in a momentum of running away from your emotions and using the other areas of our life to pretend we are not. The problem is that these emotions don't go anywhere, they accumulate, whilst we can pour even more energy and focus into other parts of our life, all the while gathering more resistance to looking at and feeling what is there for us. At times this can become overwhelming.

My role as an Esoteric Healing & Wellness practitioner is to support you to navigate these feelings that may seem so difficult and have you wanting to avoid them at all costs; feeling the trust in your body to be able to do so and to discover that you have all the skills you need to be able to stop and feel what is there; that it is not as bad as you may have thought. This is a process of giving yourself the space to drop into a deeper awareness of the root cause of the disconnection to yourself, your deeper hurts. These may be the feeling of not being seen, heard or recognised, not feeling good enough, feeling constantly rejected or wanting to blame others for what you are feeling. When we don't allow ourselves to see these playing out, they can end up running the show. The good news is that by nominating and acknowledging what we feel and become aware of, it becomes a whole easier to let them go.

Other areas of life may also require support such as setting up supportive exercise rhythms and planning your food so that it truly supports you and you are not tempted to pick up take-away all the time. These are areas that can be explored in sessions and simple suggestions or a plan made together.

As a practitioner of Esoteric Healing and being a Wellness practitioner for 17 years, I support people suffering from a wide range of emotional issues such as chronic stress, anxiety, confusion and overwhelm, burn-out, depression, over-eating, food and other addictions, lack of self worth and relationship issues.

You can book in for an Esoteric Healing session or a Wellbeing Consult, which can be in person or by Skype. This is a good option if you live too far from my Clinic to attend regularly in person.


In its simplest form, Meditation is a tool for reconnection to ourselves. Having learned and practiced personalised mantra meditation over many years, guided visualisations, yoga nidra and all the intensive and varied breathing practices offered by spiritual yoga practice, I can say that they kept me distracted from sitting and moving from me, so that I didn't feel the patterns I was in; and perpetuating the capacity to check out and get lost in a lifestyle of seeking a certain state of enlightenment, away from the realities of everyday life. A reprieve from the tension of not accessing the deeper connection to me, my Essence (which is my love and the wholeness of that) and my Soul.

Developing body and breath awareness is the foundation for meditation practice. Learning and practicing to refocus the attention of our mind on our body and to notice what it is doing in its most natural, unhindered state. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a tool to support re-connection through bringing focus to ones breath and choosing the quality of gentleness. The energetic quality of gentleness is a bridge to accessing the felt sense of love in the body, as it releases the holding, hardness, protection & control that we can find we have taken on by retreating into the sanctuary of our mind.

We can use The Gentle Breath Meditation when we are feeling out of sorts, racy, anxious and not ourselves as a way back to ourselves. Or we can use it pro-actively to establish a more self supportive rhythm in our day.

Individual Meditation sessions can be incorporated into an Esoteric Healing session and usually takes around 15 minutes.

The Gentle Breath Meditation is not a long practice. It is designed to re-connect us to our body and the quality of gentleness, from which to live - not to use to escape life or how we are feeling, but to embrace it, let go of what is not needed, and live life from the fullness and vitality of having our mind and body operating as one.

Energetic Facial Release

Energetic Facial Release is a gentle facial massage, inspired by an Ancient Egyptian ritual, that works on clearing the emotional tension that we hold in our face, removing the mask that confirms your natural beauty and allows your magnificence to shine through.

The techniques involve a series of light massage strokes using an Esoteric cream, applied with a depth of care and sensitivity, effectively and powerfully removing the imprints of negative thoughts, frustration, anger, bitterness and sadness that we hold in the muscles of the face. The whole body relaxes deeply and receives a profound healing.

It is supportive for anyone experiencing headaches & migraines, jaw tension & clenching, difficulty sleeping, heaviness & tension in the face or around the eyes, and also if you would rather not have a body session as in a similar way as reflexology works on the feet to address the whole body, this technique works on the face to release tension throughout the body.

It can be booked as a 45min session on its own or as part of an Esoteric Healing session.

Bush Flower Essences

Flower essences can be tailor made to support the changes you are making in your life.

Patterns and themes will emerge in your healing, massage or chakra-puncture session. Essences can be blended for these specific patterns, supporting you to clear them from your body and thus your life.

They will be lovingly prepared, when appropriate, and be available for you at your next session.

Book in your free 15min Phone Wellbeing Consult at and Emma will recommend the best treatment plan for you.

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