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Specialising in Providing a Range of Professional Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine Serivces, To The People in Arncliffe and in the Liverpool area.

Alternate Health Solutions - Naturopathic & Herbal Medicine Services

What is a Naturopathic Consultation?

A Naturopathic consult is much like a major service on your motor vehicle. The difference apart from the obvious is that each treatment is individually tailor made to suite your requirements.

Naturopathic treatments use herbs, nutrition and supplements to rebalance and restore the bodys own healing mechanisms. Your body may just need a fine tuning.

There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL in our treatment.

Why Should You Have a Naturopathic Consultation?

In todays hectic day to day life, we seem to often neglect our most important possession and that is good health.

When you are in good health you are able to:

  • Work better allowing for better financial opportunities
  • Love better allowing for improved relationships with partners, parents, children, siblings, friends, colleagues etc
  • Sleep better giving you more energy and better coping ability

You'll also be able to feel better:

  • Enabling you to enjoy life and participate in activities with your new vitality
  • Improve your mood, emotions, stresses and anxieties and consequently your relationships
  • Improve your mood and your outlook on life helping you to better deal with lifes day to day problems
  • Improve your general sense of well being
  • Participate in those sports youve always wanted to try
  • Better appreciate who and what you have around you
  • Be free from aches and pains

Services On Offer

Lorena provides a range of naturopathic and herbal medicine services to all of her clients, including:

Herbal Medicine - that have been used over hundreds of years, many of which are now being scientifically proven to promote healing. These can be in liquid (prefered) or tablet form depending on availability and suitability.

Nutritional Advice (as part of treatment plan) - Identification of nutritional deficiencies that can be the causes of some health issues, and information about the types of foods in which any key nutrients may be found.

Bach, Bush and Wildflower Essences - to work at an even deeper level of pyche. These work on an emotional level, and are individually tailored for you. Especially helpful for high stressed or grieving indivduals.

Benefits Of Naturopathy

How naturopathic treatment can help you:

  • Improve your health in chronic conditions
  • Use nutrition to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies that could be contributing to or underpinning ill health
  • Improve digestion, circulation, memory and concentration, elimination and most other body functions
  • Help with allergies
  • Help with sleep, stress, anxiety, depression and moods
  • Use herbs as a more natural alternative to medicine with generally less side effects than modern medicine
  • Nutritional advice on weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding etc
  • Bach Flower essences are part of a synergistic healing with herbs and nutrition that work on body energy and vitality

HEALTH FUND REBATES apply for naturopathic consultations. Contact us today for more information.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment
- just give us a call!

Qualification details

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Naturopathy)
  • Graduate Diploma (Naturopathy)

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