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Free Vitamin and Mineral and Organ function test by Mail Order Australia wide

The Alternative Natural Healing Centre

Servicing area

Mail order Australia-wide, and locally in Camperdown and surrounding suburbs, Colac, Warrnambool and Geelong

Focus areas

Sinus Wellness Headaches Male health Optimal health Health goals

Do you have acute or chronic conditions that are not responding to orthodox medicines? Do you become sick often?

Out of balance? Searching for the health and energy that you used to have?

If you have been feeling unwell lately or feel that you could be better, Rita will help you on your path to more vibrant energy and lasting health solutions.

I see my job as being the promotion of wellness and the prevention of disease as a priority. Good health is something we all need to take personal responsibility for and to make positive choices towards every day. The choices we make and the positive thoughts we choose have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

My job is to help you and your family achieve a lifetime of vitality in health. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at what I do and how I can help you. It will be a privilege to assist you in your journey to live a productive and healthy life.


  • Our wellness program.
  • Australia-wide consultations by mail order.
  • Rita is a specialist in the field of infertility and chronic fatigue/immune allergy disorders.
  • Treating complex and challenging health conditions.
  • Tailored, personalized remedies and supplements made to exact requirements.

We provide tailored solutions for;

Allergies, including sinus and hay-fever
Anxiety & depression
Stress reduction
Childrens health
Colds & flu
Digestive health
Candida and other infections
Parasites & worms

Nutritional deficiencies
Female health
Hormonal imbalances
General wellness
Skin disorders
Thyroid adrenal fatigue
Weight loss/gain

Ritas reputation is built on the health improvement outcomes she inspires in her clients. With over twenty five years experience in the health care industry you can be assured of her knowledge and integrity.

She strives not only to meet, but to exceed your expectations on every level. I believe an important part of my work is to educate, empower and motivate you to assume personal responsibility of your health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle and diet. In partnership with you I tailor a treatment and health program which is specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Rita has a passion for natural medicine and loves working with diets and watching their health improve.

Her natural talent, open friendly personality and many years of experience enable Rita to be a skilful and trustworthy guide through your healing journey.

Rita has a unique way of healing since she teaches you to use your innate healing power and your spiritual connections to achieve what you would like in life. She guides you in breaking down the emotional, physical and spiritual barriers that stand between you and success, whether it be health, prosperity, career or relationships.

After re-evaluating your lifes perspective and healing you to make some lifestyle changes to support overall health and wellbeing, you are in a position to invent the life you aspire to.

If you are dedicated to attaining optimal health then I will endeavour to provide the necessary information and tools to achieve it in a personalised, warm & caring environment.

Taking the time to understand your health condition as a whole means my natural health treatments are practical, effective and give lasting results. The centre is a place where you and your health are a number one priority.

Maybe you have tried to improve your health with dieting, detoxification programs, or taking the occasional multi-vitamin. The truth is, obtaining health and vitality can require a professional coach and guidance.

Rita can help you achieve your health goals specialising in doing the detective work for you when it comes to not only the problem but its cause. Rita likes to getting to the root cause of the problem and not simply mask the condition.

After all, if you dont treat the underlying cause of a problem, it will just be encouraged to extend to another part of the body and cause problems there.

Disease comes from a range of causes. The presenting symptoms are like an iceberg, the tip is how the person is manifesting the symptoms. Underneath the tip of the iceberg are often quite complex aspects that have contributed to the condition. Through the treatment process layers are unfolded to reveal the blockage. Together we uncover all these layers that have become a factor, shifting deep issues & deep pockets of infection, viruses, parasites etc.

After these focal pockets are removed, the bodys innate healing comes to effect to return the body to equilibrium and regenerate organs, systems & overall immunity.

The consultation

Your initial consultation takes anywhere from one & a half to two hours. In this consultation, you will undergo a range of questions and testing on a bio-functional diagnosis machine, to assess you for compromised areas of functioning that could be contributing to your ill-health.

All-important to Rita is to understand your condition fully, from how you are feeling to what the underlying cause is. Time is spent by her to understand how you feel emotionally, your history and the symptoms you are experiencing.

You will be asked about your past medical and family history, present concerns and symptoms, diet and lifestyle. The results of the testing assessment are made on the day, after which a program and schedule will be discussed with you for your proposed treatment.

If you are happy to proceed, then you will generally receive your first treatment during the initial consultation, most often consisting of a personalised homeopathic remedy to balance the system and may include herbal medicines, and vitamin & mineral supplements.

This results in good health as soon as possible. Also the remedies work better and are absorbed more efficiently once your system is initially balanced.

After this, subsequent visits are scheduled periodically to assess progress, make further recommendations and attend to new issues. Naturopathic treatments can complement conventional medical treatment or be used effectively on their own.

Levels of care to suit your individual needs

Corrective care identifies and treats the underlying dietary, nutritional and lifestyle factors that have contributed to your state of health.

Wellness care. Ritas Wellness Program is a lifestyle prescription based on a sound health diet, exercise and supplementation. This system has the potential to improve health, keep you well and prevent disease and chronic health problems. This program is ideal for anyone who is interested in maintaining optimum health and longevity, and can also be useful in chronic disease management.
Regular detoxification, which is part of the program ensures a stronger immune system and increased efficiency of all organs, particularly the bowel and liver. I consider regular bowel and liver detoxification to be an essential part of the treatment and care of my clients.

An entitlement with the program is to offer short, complimentary tests & reassessments to ensure the treatment protocols are being utilised to their maximum effectiveness. This is a very efficient cost-cutting measure to ensure no wastage occurs and your investment returns excellent results.

Services at the Alternative Natural Healing Centre include;

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