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Your mind, body & soul. Althearapy offers you the opportunity to receive without judgement, in a holistic, caring, and relaxing environment. We offer a range of positive healing modalities that engage the mind, body, and soul. Our purpose is to assist individuals to feel better, healthier, calmer, and so much more.


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Althearapy is the collaboration of different healing modalities owned and operated and founded by Nita Koorey.

Nita was inspired by Althea, meaning healing in Greek, which we are delighted to have this as part of the name for Althearapy

Nita has a professional back ground and has managed several prestigious businesses in New Zealand, West Australia and Queensland. Nita has acquired many attributes in healing throughout may years, Nita has gained knowledge through hands on experience, applications and techniques passed on thorough attending classes and personal studies.

Nita's journey has evolved and the time is present where all the healing modalities experience and wisdom gained has come to fruition. Althearapy offers you professional, ethical, confidential, personal, holistic healing hands without judgement.


Access Consciousness Bars®Practitioner

60 mins-90 mins
$100 - 1 Session
$492 - 6 Sessions

Access Consciousness® is a modality that assists the facilitator to activate the 32 bars which are points on the head, allowing more consciousness for everyone and being able to truly receive in a holistic none judgmental environment. When the bars are activated, the energy flows through the body, clearing the meridians and moving stagnant energy and balancing the chakras. This is the most incredible treatment, it aids the way people begin to feel and operate and behave. Having your Bars Run, changes the Brain Waves in an over active mind, the brain actually slows down allowing room for new things to come into your life. It clams the Chitter Chatter and the Monkey Mind which we all know can be relentless and exhausting. It assists in the removal of old worn out thought processes that we have carried around with us for ever, even since childhood and stored in our memory that have left scares and prevented us from moving forward. Our thoughts, ideals, beliefs, considerations,emotions and attitudes. By dissipating the electrical charge in the brain it changes the difference in the shape and structure of the cells, allowing them to return to a healthy circular shape. Having your Bars Run is like pushing the delete button on your computer, worst case you will feel like you have just had a massage, best case it will change your life.

It assists in helping with Anxiety, Depression, Sleep disorders, Stress, Exams, Brain and Neurological Disorders.

Intuitive Reflexology

60 mins
$90 - 1 Session
$440 - 6 Sessions

Enjoy the benefits of being pampered with a ginger infused foot spa, experiencing intuitive reflexology points or zones of the hands, feet and lower legs. The practice of reflexology alleviates the energy blocks that cause pain or disability, restoring optimum health and providing holistic care for both common and more serious conditions. This is an incredibly relaxing treatment which assists in the energy flow and the balancing of the Meridians and Chakras

Chakra Balancing

60 mins
$90 - 1 Session
$440 - 6 Sessions

A holistic alternative Chakra Mind Body and Balance, restoring the harmonious energy flow , clearing of the emotional state of mind and promoting health and well being. Feel balanced ,rejuvenated and energized Relax into a one on one guided meditation, go on your own personal journey within your 7 main Chakras spinning wheels of the body. With the assistance of Crystals, the empowerment of Colour Visualization, Vibration and Breath. Be happier and healthier and more energetic.

Intuitive Healing

60 mins
$90 - 1 Session
$440 - 6 Sessions

Intuitive healing is a holistic alternative healing accessed and channeled from a higher energy, using insight and all ofthe senses. Experience Hands on Healing, accessing the energy flow being channeled through myself to you. Assisting in the health well being of a variety of aliments . Relax and treat yourself to receiving, feellighter less stressed, emotionally and mentally freer, assists with pain management. Performs ascended and distance healing.healing. The magic is in the hands

All of life comes to us with Ease Joy and Glory

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