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A gentle, subtle yet transformative approach that promotes self motivated healing through a daily practice.

Always Sunny Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

This daily practice is meticulously prescribed by a yoga therapist in collaboration with the individual. A daily practice is specifically designed to suit all the needs of the client physically and mentally. The practice may have subtle strengthening and stretching movements, based in yoga, for any injuries an individual may have or on just maintaining a healthy body through an evidence based lense. This is similar to how a physio may prescribe some exercises for rehabilitation. The difference is that Yoga Therapy aims to treat each person as a whole being so it doesn’t focus on healing the symptoms it focuses on healing the cause. The practice supports our mental health through different movements, sounds, meditations, and breath practices from ancient yogic teachings. A practice could be done at any time of the day (but usually the same time each day) and can range from 5 - 30 minutes depending on how much time the client has. 

What is the process?

  • Book your session
  • Fill out an intake questionnaire that address’s your health and wellbeing at least 3 days prior to your session
  • Meet for the session via zoom or in person (wearing comfortable clothes that will allow you to move + half the session is usually discussion and half movement & creation of the practice) 
  • Discuss the intake questionnaire and what you would like to achieve through your daily practice (ie. ) 
  • Receive your daily practice written or emailed (or both!) as the session concludes
  • Complete your daily practice DAILY! 
  • Yoga Therapist will follow up 3 days after the initial session and book for 2-3 weeks time for follow up session 
  • Follow up session reviews the daily practice (normally 2 follow up sessions after the initial consultation or more if needed) 

Who does Yoga Therapy? 

Anyone! From an experienced yoga practitioner to someone who has never even done yoga or exercised before. Yoga Therapy is for everyone - it is accessible and inclusive and all stems from an individualized perspective creating the daily practice that YOU need for YOU. 


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