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Are you ready to be REVITALISED from the INSIDE OUT? Health Recovery & Optimization through targeting the cause of illness and disease. Intimate Yoga & Detox Mini Retreats - cleansing Body, Mind, & Soul. The Complete Package! Colonic Irrigation - opening the #1 elimination organ of the body. Private Yoga Therapy Sessions - safe one-on-one sessions tailored to your body's needs.

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Welcome to Alyssium

Our bodies were not meant to be exposed to a constant influx of toxins, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, saturated fats, sugar, genetically modified products, pollutants from the air we breathe, chemicals, alcohol, stress, inactivity, misuse and over-use of pharmaceutical medications need I go on!

Detoxification is the #1 leading anti-ageing therapy. Pure, clean, well nourished cells are the secret to longevity. End of story! By cleaning out the gunk not only are we going to find it a lot easier to lose weight, we are giving our bodies the best chance we possibly can to live a long and healthy life.

Detox Body & Mind. For a healthy, vibrant and new you!

About Belle Hogan

My experience in wellbeing began in my early 20s when I had the realisation that modern medicine could not assist me in healing my body and that if I wanted to reclaim my health that I was going to have to try something else. I was over 100kgs at the time, suffering with debilitating chronic fatigue, infertility and I was also borderline diabetic. My journey started in the fitness and nutrition indusries, learning all I could about getting my body healthy, it was my time spent in these industries that I realised that energy in, energy out just wasn't working and I started to ask the questions, whats going on? why wont my body let me loose this weight? and why does it keep coming back with more? These questions led me to learn about detox, what the body does with the excess toxicity that it is not able to eliminate and how this is what makes us fat, what causes the yoyo effect, and also ultimately why we cannot loose that weight without first removing the toxins. Fasinating journey! Once I found detox the weight fell of faster and easier that when I had been slogging my guts out in the gym, and it stayed off, so I knew I had found the missing link.

Once I had healed my body my career really took off as I was no longer the wounded healer, I was the healed healer, walking my talk, with authenticity and an inner knowing of what it was like to be on the other side. I traveled the globe instructing a variety of fitness classes, with expertise in Spin, Pilates and Yoga, and giving lectures on different health and detox topics both in Australia and extensively throughout London, Europe and America. In 2010 I laid roots and opened a busy Detox clinic in Brisbane, where I really got down in the trenches, educating and assisting people with cleaning out the gunk, cleansing their bodies and reclaiming their health both physically and emotionally.

10 years on after becoming a mum at 44, I gradually let go of the busy city clinic, as my heart was pulling me back to my favourite class to instruct; Yoga. Alyssium Yoga & Detox Centre was born. I now split my time between educating people on the health of their bodies and educating people on the health of their minds. To conquer the body, you must first conquer the mind, for the body is strong, it is the mind that is weak. When we conquer the mind, when we control our thoughts, we can conquer just about anything we put that mind to. And the journey continues with much joy....


I look forward to seeing you in a Private Yoga Session, or in the Detox Clinic, or even better yet, at one of our Magical Mini Retreats where we work on cleansing body, mind, & soul. The complete package. NAMASTE!

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6 Services

Yoga & Detox Mini Retreats

6hr 30min
$333 Per course

Cleansing Body, Mind, & Soul

Colonic Irrigation - 1st session with consultation

1hr 30min
$125 Per session

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