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Together but Alone? How to Get Your Relationship Back on Track


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Marriage or relationship counselling can help you nut out some of the common problems that trouble all relationships from time to time allowing you to recreate that ‘loving feeling’

Relationship Counselling can assist you to unlock the qualities that help you attract and develop fulfilling relationships…

Do you find yourself questioning:

“What is making us walk on egg shells around each other?”

“Why can’t I be me with my partner?”

“Will I ever find happiness in relationship?”

If so, don’t despair, you’re not the only one!

Some people struggle for a long time with these questions, many spending years of unease with their partners, not fully understanding what is going on. What they do know is they are not happy.

Whether you are married, in a relationship or single, you are probably down hearted and tired of the struggle. Maybe you have been married for decades and are resigned, ‘this is just the way it is’ or maybe you are staying because it’s just too frightening or costly to leave. Maybe you haven’t been in relationship for long at all and want to make a speedy exit because ‘this wasn’t how I expected it to be’.

Whatever the case, it seems as though you continue to ride the merry-go- round of the same old relationship mistakes, feeling more despondent and hurt every time.

You long for the shelter of a loving and safe relationship

Maybe you experience:
  • feeling misunderstood, not listened to.
  • the exhaustion of continual bickering, never getting resolution
  • not feeling safe to be who you are
  • an unsatisfying sex life
  • an inability to trust your partner or the relationship
  • a feeling of wanting to run away or ‘hide out’
  • contempt, criticism and attack
  • feeling alone and lonely
  • not being your partner’s advocate or vice versa
  • a lack of appreciation or acknowledgement
  • defensiveness, often having to justify
If you are experiencing any of the above difficulties, please keep reading…

You can free your relationship from the grip of these problems to create a loving shelter for each other.

Through relationship counselling or marriage therapy, you can have:
  • fondness, affection and friendship
  • understanding of each other’s triggers and how to deal with them effectively
  • effective conflict management: repairs after ruptures
  • positive perspectives on being with each other
  • fun and humour
  • renewed sexual satisfaction with your partner
  • life dreams that come true
  • shared meanings
  • an appreciation of each other’s values and philosophies
  • an advocate rather than an adversary

Do something different, refuse to go on in pain any longer. Marriage therapy or relationship counselling can help.

Unless you have been very lucky, no one has taught you how to have a safe, happy and loving relationship, so why would you necessarily know what to do?

Why come to me for therapy?

  • All therapists are different but many do follow only one school of thinking. Over the many years I have been in practice I use a blend of different therapeutic disciplines, tailored you suit your particular needs and offered to you in a tranquil garden setting with two little canine ‘co-therapists‘ who will welcome you enthusiastically.

  • Many of my clients report to me they love the atmosphere of the consulting room, finding it warm, colourful and friendly.

  • It is in this environment that we can really unravel what is causing you or your relationship pain. Respectfully and collaboratively we can find ways to overcome the hurdles you feel you are facing, to lead a fuller and happier life.

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