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Amanda Kate Kinesiology

Amanda Kate

AMA Podiatry
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Amanda Kate Kinesiology

Each kinesiology balance is as individual as the client on the table. It is an exciting and humbling privilege to facilitate a range of personal healing experiences which uniquely empower people to take their lives to the next level and live the best life they are able to live.

About Amanda Kate Kinesiology

Kinesiologists work as interpreters or facilitators to help you understand the signals that your body is sending you, to prioritise the corrections needed to balance the aspects which require modification and provide you with greater self-awareness to stimulate and fast-track change.

Each and every life event both effects and affects us, from the way that we interact with everyone we cross paths with in life to how we respond in pressure circumstances. We store each physical, emotional, and mental message in our cellular memory and each one has the power to impact on our lives. By breaking through these stresses and stores we can re-adjust the neural pathways in our brain and alter behaviours, life-long habits, sabotage programs, and turn to a life positive connection of abundance.

I look to bring as many tools to that table as I can, not just Kinesiology. This is to ensure that I am able to give my clients the opportunity to break through their old belief patterns, self-limitations and allow for the empowerment of their being for a healthy, happy, and content being.

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Qualification Details

Diploma of Kinesiology Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology International Diploma of Kinesiology TBM Modules 1, 2 & 3 Reiki level 1, 2 and 2 Advanced

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