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Taking the time to slow down, connect with yourself and your baby is Essential throughout your pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage & Lymphatic Drainage

These services are here to help you enjoy your pregnancy to the utmost, manage or heal lower back pain, swelling or other symptoms caused by your pregnancy

I’m Amanda, a qualified Pregnancy Masseuse with over 11 years experience helping women slow down and Enjoy the journey of pregnancy. Training with the Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Andrew Barnes, my pregnancy massage is informed by this Island Style, holistic approach to you as a whole being. I also bring my training in nervous system development into each session to create a calming and soothing session that supports your baby's robust growth and your body's inherent wisdom.

Island Style Pregnancy Massage:

This modality combines Swedish, remedial and deep tissue massage techniques in a flowing style. I address chronic and acute tensions caused and made worse by pregnancy. I also use lymphatic drainage for swelling and toxicity, and Somatic Experiencing for body/mind integration.

The massage is given side lying, with the client "hugging" a body length pillow and supported with pillows or bolsters so that she can completely relax. From this position we avoid increased sinus pressure, strain on the uterine ligaments and dangerous increases in intrauterine pressure that a face down massage would create. My training ensures that the massage is firm and addresses all those tight areas needing release, while ensuring the safety of mother and child.

“Magical experience! Everything my body and soul needed … and more! From fingertips to toes – BLISS. Thank you” – Vanessa, mother to be

“I have tried other pregnancy masseuses and they just weren’t the same. They didn’t have the same quality of touch, or seem like they knew what they were doing in the way Amanda does. So I’m coming back” – Tahlia, mother-to-be

Massage during pregnancy:

    • Reduces odema (swelling) and blood pressure


    • Gives relief from varicose veins


    • Increases blood and lymph circulation.


    • Reduces the strain and pain of extra weight bearing.


    • Assists hormonal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary and physiological processes during pregnancy.


    • Develops greater flexibility and the kinesthetic awareness necessary to actively participate in the birth process.


    • Fosters nurturing maternal touch.


Postpartum massage:

    • Facilitates postpartum emotional, physiological, and family adjustments.


    • Supports recovery from caesarean birth, including healing of the incision.


    • Promotes structural realignment of the spine and pelvis, and reorganization of movement.


Did you know?Studies have shown that the more a pregnant woman is nurturingly touched the more she will touch and caress her new baby? This increase in touch also leads to significantly more contented, alert and curious babies and children.

“Dear Amanda, Thank you so much for your welcoming presence, openness and stillness. The massage was just one of the gifts I received from you today. Thank you” – Jeanette and the Splodge

"Amanda thank you so much for my beautiful massage. I could feel the nurturing just oozing out of your hands. Your care and attention to detail helped me feel very comfortable and r e l a x e d "
- Jewelli Dollman; Australian Bush Flower Essences Instructor

How much does a Island Style Pregnancy Massage cost?

Massages are offered in 70min, 1.5 hour or 2 hour sessions. You may choose the length massage that most suits you and your health status.

60mins Session fee $90
1.5 hour. Session fee $140
2 hour. Session fee $$185

Please note: prices are subject to change, please ask for the current rate when you contact Amanda with enquiries or to make a booking

"Bless you Amanda, You are fantastic, much love"- Lydia and Little

Lymphatic Drainage:

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle technique that manually stimulates the lymphatic system up to 20 times its normal rate, helping to clean the body of wastes and toxins. It is often needed during pregnancy when the lymph pools and gathers around the ankles, groin and underarms and can be the best option for those who feel unsafe with more active techniques of body work.

Conditions successfully treated with lymphatic drainage are many, but include:

    • General health maintenance


    • Cleansing and detox


    • Odema


    • Sluggishness


    • Stress related problems


    • Sedentary related problems


    • Minor bruising / injury


    • Pregnancy odema


Specifically it also treats...

    • Post-mastectomy odema


    • Pre / post surgery


    • Allergies


    • Tinnitus


    • Meniere’s Disease


    • Migraines / headaches


    • Multiple sclerosis


    • Sprains / Strains


    • Rheumatoid arthritis


    • Tendonitis


    • Neck pain/ whiplash


    • Chronic pain


    • Sports injuries


    • Fibro myalgia


    • Chronic fatigue


    • Toxic poisoning


    • Scleroderma


    • Radiation


    • Weight control


How can I help my lymph flow and the steady elimination of wastes and toxins?

Movement increases lymph flow by up to 10 times that of inactivity, so keep moving, walking, swimming or riding. Abdominal breathing also changes pressure between high and low torso, "pulling" lymph upwards and assisting greater lymph flow.

"Thank you for my lymphatic drainage session. I feel wonderfully calm, centered and nurtured. You have a healing touch and a warm heart, and I hope to experience your gifts again. Namaste"
- Rak Razam, Experiential Journalist, Author and Speaker

How much does a session cost?

If you are needing lymphatic drainage separate to a pregnancy massage, the sessions are offered in 1 hour, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions. You may choose the length treatment that most suits you and your health status.

1 hour. Session fee $90
1.5 hour. Session fee $140
2 hour session fee $185

Please note: prices are subject to change, please ask for the current rate when you contact Amanda with enquiries or to make a booking

You can book a session or schedule a free 15 minute consult by Clicking Here

For more information or to see how I can help you contact me today!! 0421079644

Qualification Details

  • Bachelor of Social Science
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Somatic Experiencing SEP
  • Island Style Pregnancy Massage
  • Certificate of Reiki Mastery
  • Senior First Aid Certificate

Member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT)

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