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Amethyst Rose Massage

Lea-Anne Bonnick

27 Tysoe St
Deception Bay QLD 4508

Servicing area: Deception Bay, Queensland

Amethyst Rose Massage
Established in 2008 by Lea-Anne, Amethyst Rose Massage offers Crystalotherapy (Energy Work with Crystals), Relaxation Massage,
Ear Candling and
Essence of Angels Healing
in a safe, comfortable and nuturing environment with a professional caring manner,
giving you, the pampered client a feeling of harmony and a sense of wellbeing. Lea-Anne believes that it is important to listen to her clients and she individually tailors their treatments to suit their requirements. To arrange your appointment, contact Lea-Anne on
0422 028 559.

Amethyst Rose Massage

CRYSTALOTHERAPY - A natural healing technique that combines the use of quartz crystal, touch and prayer. It reduces stress, relaxes muscles, reduces pain, balances the chakra energy systems, assists the body to bring into balance the neurological, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic systems, whilst, removing energy blockages.

RELAXATION MASSAGE- This massage is designed to relax the body, taking the stresses from the muscle groups of the body, improving the blood circulation allowing the healing processes to take place, enhancing the wellbeing of the person.

ESSENCE OF ANGELS - This healing modality is used by itself or as a compliment to massage and crystalotherapy, enhancing the clients treatment. Angels Essences are vibrational remedies that are prepared for the client to be used during their treatment and after to continue balancing the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

EAR CANDLING- An ancient technique using specially fabricated candles to draw out the wax and toxins of the ear through a process called "convection". This cleansing process is beneficial to almost everyone and may give improved mental clarity, regulation of ear pressure, proper balancing of ear fluids, relief from vertigo and relief with sinusitis. Giving a sense of peace and relaxation to you.
Ear Candling is a wonderful addition and very complimentary to your treatments .

All treatments end with the playing of Crystal Singing Bowls. This is known as Vibrational Sound Therapy and is a beautiful compliment to your treatment. This allows the vibrations of soundwaves to clear and re-balance the energy (physical, emotional and spirital) systems of the body. Giving you a sense of peace and wellbeing.


Treatments...start from $30 for 1/2 Hour and start from $45 for 1Hour.

A combination of treatments is available upon request and all treatments are tailored to suit the needs of each client on an individual basis.

Lea-Anne makes crystal grids for general purpose (health, study, protection, etc) as well as specially tailored crystal grids for individual needs.
Crystal Grids enhance universal energies, allowing the universe to deliver the desired outcome. Prices vary.
Other products available:
- Sacred Space Clearing and Protection Spray.
- Angel Heart Healing Aura Mist.
- Angel Essence Vibrational Remedies. (prepared individually)

Certificate Whole Body Massage
Certificate Deep Tissue and Common Injuries.
Certificate Ear Candling
Certificate Crystalotherapy 1 and 2
Certificate Crystalotherapy 3 and 4
Certificate Essence of Angels Practitioner

Member of Massage Association of Australia
Member of Crystal Awareness Institute of Australasia
Member of International Institude of Complimentary Therapist


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