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Crystal Healing, Reiki

Amethyst Yoga and Healing - Energy Healing

Energy Healing

More and more of us are feeling deeply that we are more than just flesh and blood, more than even our thoughts and emotions – that there is a deeper part of us that connects to something beyond the part of us that we can see.  Over the past 100 years, scientists have been learning that what we see as being “solid” is in fact made up of energy in constant motion. 

There is more to us than what we can see or consciously feel.

For this reason, many people are turning to modalities that can connect with this part of ourselves, with energy, in order to move towards greater peace and wellbeing.  Clearly, this is not evidence-based medicine!  And it should definitely not be considered a substitute for medical or psychological care
But if it resonates with you, you may find that energy healing does have something to offer you at the level of mind, body and spirit.  Energy healing may also help you to open up to your own intuitive insights about issues you face and promote spiritual growth. 

Transpersonal Crystal Healing

Crystals and other precious and semi-precious stones have been used throughout human history in many wisdom traditions for not just adornment, but physical and spiritual protection, and to support physical and mental wellbeing.  Contemporary approaches to crystal healing draw on insights around chakras, colour and vibration, to help you relax, and support greater healing and balance at all levels.

During a transpersonal crystal healing session, Kaye will take the time to hear what matters to you and your intentions for the session.  You will relax on a massage table, and stones will be placed on your (fully clothed) body.  These stones will be chosen based on your wishes for the session, in order to be most likely to support the outcome you are hoping for.  You will be guided into a state of relaxation, while your healer works with the energy of the stones to encourage your body, mind and spirit to move towards a greater harmony.   


Reiki is universal life force energy, also known as the energy of unconditional love.  A Reiki healer channels this energy.  These sessions are also conducted with you relaxing on a massage table while fully clothed.  The Reiki healer will gently place her hands on your body to channel the energy to you, with the intention of inviting the universal life force energy to gently and subtly work for your best and highest good. 

Distant Energy Healing

Using the combined powers of Reiki distant healing and Zoom (!), you can receive an energy healing session from the comfort of your own home.  Using Reiki, crystals and connecting in real-time over Zoom so that you can set your intentions for the session, you can receive healing energy regardless of space or time.  

Qualification details

Reiki Level I, II and Master certification – Nature Care College
Crystal Healing
Diploma in Crystal Healing – School of Natural Health Sciences (UK)
Certificate in Applied Crystal Healing – Evolve Healing Institute
Level 2 Transpersonal Crystal Healing Practitioner – Evolve Healing Institute

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