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Angie Alexander

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Realise True Wellness Through Life Coaching:

Learn the tools and strategies that can help you start enjoying harmony and balance in your life.

Ametrine Holistic Medicine & Healing - Life Coaching & Wellness for Life

Why Should You Employ Ametrine’s Life Coaching?

My name is Angie Alexander. I am the founder of Ametrine Holistic Medicine and Healing. I have been a natural therapist for nearly two decades. For nearly 20 years now, I have been successful in helping a multitude of people achieve physical, emotional, and wellness.

Throughout my career, I have been exploring the shift in consciousness in everyone that is connected to reaching a higher level of understanding leading to changes in our minds, bodies, and spiritual selves.

But, for change to manifest itself, you have to want it. Change is most often blocked by fear and anxiety. Courage to allow change to happen will come by healing past and present wounds and thus resulting in the change of attitude and behaviour.

Through my help, you can begin to move forward, reach your best potential, and feel better about the future. You will be able to start enjoying balance and harmony in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

How Do You Achieve True Wellness in Your Life?

True wellness is not just in your physical state but also involves your mind and spirit. Having the right frame of mind has a massive significance on your physical state of well-being.

A vast majority of the time, we get stuck in a rut where our day-to-day living becomes a means to an end. As a result, there is a noticeable increase in stress levels, poor diet or eating habits, lack of exercise, lack of motivation and drive, and depletion of energy. This is when our bodies start to complain, and we may start noticing critical changes that result in illness or dis-ease.

With my help, you can get back on the right track; feel better physically, emotionally, and physically; and you can start making the choice to maintain this for the rest of your life.

You will learn methods that will make it possible for you to change your attitude and behaviour. Yes, it is possible. The results will be a higher quality of life with less illness and dis-ease.

How Much Will It Cost?

Your extensive 60-minute life coaching and wellness session will cost only $80 for each session.

Enquire now so you can start your journey towards true wellness.

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