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Ametrine Holistic Medicine & Healing

Expand Your Consciousness With Mindfulness Meditation:

Achieve a greater focus on what matters most to you through effective meditation techniques.

Ametrine Holistic Medicine & Healing - Meditation

Why Should You Practise Mindfulness Meditation?

Focus your awareness on being present by practising mindfulness meditation regularly. Staying present empowers you to increase awareness of yourself and everything around you.

As a result, you can eliminate distractions when undertaking everyday tasks. You can also improve relationships by allowing yourself to focus on a specific individual’s needs.

You may also become more aware of your mental and emotional patterns. Therefore, you can better decide whether particular thoughts or emotions are beneficial or not.

You can also reduce stress and anxiety through meditation techniques. You will be able to quieten the unnecessary ‘mind chatter’ that is breaking your focus.

By enhancing your awareness, you will allow a better appreciation of things that you may be taking for granted or things that you may have not noticed before.

Effective meditation methods also grant you clarity of thought and a chance to slow your mind down so that the everyday chaos of life can be managed more easily.

Who Will Teach You Mindfulness Meditation Techniques?

My name is Angie Alexander, the founder of Ametrine Holistic Medicine and Healing, and I will be one to teach you how to meditate for mindfulness. I have practised natural therapies since 2000. Throughout my nearly 20 years of practice, I have assisted a myriad of people discover their innate ability to heal themselves.

The meditations I will be guiding you through will help you calmly acknowledge and accept your feelings, thoughts, and sensations that you have within your mind and body. By doing this, you will expand your consciousness and increase awareness of the present moment.

My practice, Ametrine, is named after a natural crystal which is a mix of amethyst and citrine. Amethyst energy works to ease and release pain quickly while citrine energy promotes well-being and mental focus. These feelings are exactly what our meditation sessions aim to do.

You can take part in group meditation classes held at 12.30pm on Mondays and Thursdays and Thursday at 5.15pm at Ametrine in Huonville. During the warmer months we also do pop-up group meditation classes at outdoor venues.  For more details go to Ametrine Holisitic Medicine and Healing facebook page.

How Much Will It Cost?

Group Meditation Classes

Our 30-minute group meditation classes will cost only $5.00 for each session. Limited seating is available.

You can join pop-up group meditations in the summer months around the Huon Valley area.

One-on-One Meditation Classes

You can experience 30-minute one-on-one meditation classes for only $50 for each session.

Enquire now to learn mindfulness meditation techniques that will help you focus and live a happier life.

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