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Suite 40
47 Neridah st
Chatswood NSW 2067

Servicing area: Lower North Shore of Sydney

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Amoeba Massage - Rejuvenating every single cell. Deep tissue, deep relaxation, or emotional release. We integrate the mind, body, and spirit!

Hawaiian style massage | Amoeba Massage

An amoeba is a single celled organism which can change its body shape with ease. At Amoeba Massage, we dance around the table and follow the contours of your body. We incorporate all aspects of Hawaiian massage to ensure you receive a deeply relaxing massage that leaves you rejuvenated on every level. This style of massage is designed to work on the physical, mental, and spiritual level. As the mind and body relax, deep tissue work can be done with ease - leaving your muscles feeling like new again. Likewise, many clients experience emotional releases on the table or simply enter a trance-like state and wake up from the massage feeling refreshed.
Hawaiian style massages are characterised by long, flowing strokes. We use coconut oil to allow the therapists arms to glide over the body on the table. Variable pressure can be applied to target different tissue and the entire experience is deeply relaxing. The oil also allows the therapist to utilize under-body techniques to massage the side of the body which is in contact with the table. Under-body techniques allow muscles to be massaged from different angles further reducing any muscular tension that may be present. It also has a profound effect on the mind as it really is like receiving a hug or being held. Personally, I have found this style of massage to be a perfect antidote to general stress and anxiety.
It’s hard to describe the benefits of a Hawaiian style massage and it simply must be experienced. This style of massage has had a profound impact on my life, because receiving allows my mind to relax. It is a full body massage style, and the body is not compartmentalised, meaning the legs, glutes and lower back are massaged as one. Massage strokes can run from the shoulders all the way down to the feet or vice versa. The massage really does integrate mind, body and spirit. I often find my thought patterns are much heathier after a massage. Indeed, the massage also improves sleep, makes you feel lighter and aids in lymphatic drainage. I am also constantly amazed at the improvements to flexibility that eventuate from deep stretches and massage around tight joints. Although I cannot offer health rebates, you will not be disappointed in the results of a massage with me.



Qualification details

  • Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi & Ancient Healing Principles (Mette's Institute) awarded on 26th April 2015
  • Thai Yoga Practitioner Training 101 (Still light centre) awarded on 12th May 2019
  • Hawaiian Hot Stones Massage (ili ili stones) awarded in August 2019
  • Hawaiian Style Ancient Stone Therapy (Institute of Sacred Lomi Lomi bodywork) awarded on 25th June 2017
  • Ka Huna 3 'advanced bodywork' (Mette's Institute) awarded on 26th Jan 2020

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