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Kerri Roach

Ramsgate Beach NSW 2212

Servicing area: Ramsgate Beach, distance healing and online

“You cannot heal what you refuse to confront, search yourself, know yourself.”

About Amorah Kinesiology


Welcome to Amorah Kinesiology

Kerri is a qualified and trained Kinesiologist her passion for non-traditional/alternative medicine led her to Kinesiology.

Kerri studies at the International Institute of Kinesiology Australia and has recently completed her studies of the Diploma of Kinesiology.

She is extremely passionate about sound therapy, nutrition, crystal therapy and colour therapy and is constantly focusing on how emotions that are stored in our bodies can lead to discomfort & pain.

Kerri has made her own range of Alchemy oils made with natural camellia oil, high vibrational essential oils, flower essences, gem essences and enhanced with sound, light and colour. These oils work well with her treatments as they help people to become the best possible version of themselves.


Client Testimonials

I’ve been having on and off issues with my neck since I was 21 years of age (I’m now 46). Back in June I’d been seeing an Osteopath, which initially helped, but a week after the treatment, my neck would hurt again. I was about to go overseas and in the past when on holiday’s my neck gets worse due to the different pillows and beds. I’d gone to Kerri for a kinesiology treatment. After one session, the pain had disappeared. Even when I was away overseas I had absolutely no issues with my neck, which was brilliant to enjoy my 3 week vacation. Kerri is an amazing kinesiologist and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Kerri.

“Blazenka Bradley”


“I would like to highly recommend Amorah Kinesiology services. From the age of 17, I suffered severe Sciatica episodes that would leave me crippled and unable to walk for up to two weeks at a time. Since seeing Kerri, I have not had a single episode which is absolutely amazing.”

“Adelie – NSW”


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