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Live Healthy and Live Better through regular supervised exercise

AMX Health & Fitness Studio

Focus areas

Physical health Posture Relaxation Circulation Headaches Self-confidence

Exercise Physiology

EP’s are specialists in exercise and the human body. EP’s use exercise as a form of medicine to treat chronic conditions and to improve health and fitness.

Symptoms and Issues
If you are at risk of or have a chronic condition, or require rehabilitation from injuries or surgery or experience any of the following:
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol Problems
  • Blood Sugar Issues
  • Shortness of breath at rest or under exertion
  • Joint and muscle pains
  • Chronic fatigue or weakness
  • Obesity

An Exercise Physiology Program may be much more suitable for you.

Services Provided by Exercise Physiologists:
Our ESSA Registered Physiologists provide the following Exercise Physiology Services at AMX Health & Fitness in Hornsby:
  • Individual assessment and exercise programming
  • Supervised exercise sessions
  • Program reviews and updates
  • Progress reports
  • Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plans (medicare rebatable)
  • Workcover rehabilitation

The Exercise Physiology program consists of resistance and aerobic exercises, as well as functional strength, core, stretching and balance training. Hand weights, aerobic machines, therabands and pulley weight systems are utilised during the exercise regime.

Benefits of Exercise Physiology Program
The benefits from an Exercise Physiology program include:
  • Improved physical health, appearance and self-confidence
  • Build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints
  • Optimise blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Develop stronger heart and lungs
  • Strengthen your immune system against disease and injury
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression with more restful sleep
  • Maximise ability to perform everyday activities

How to Get Started
There are 4 simple steps to get started
Step 1 Obtain a medical clearance form by filling in the contact form to the right
Step 2 Your Doctor needs to complete and sign the form
Step 3 Book in for your initial assessment at our fitness studio in Hornsby
Step 4 Choose your EP Program

Initial Assessment
At the initial assessment, we do the following:
  • Medical Screening
  • Physical Evaluation
  • Strength and Fitness Analysis
  • Goal Setting and Health Education
  • Prescribe an Exercise Program

Personal Training Hornsby

Step Change with One to One Personal Training at AMX Health & Fitness Studio and Gym in Hornsby
You want results or specific outcomes, it can be done, but it can’t be done alone, you want to get there no matter what and you don’t want it to go on forever.

You want to get over the line, or build some individual momentum and its just not happening.
If these reflect your situation, then a personal trainer is the type of person you need to help make the Step Change.

Why are you looking for that Step Change? Here are some common reasons…
  • You want to reach a specific performance target as you get ready for an event
  • You have significant Weight Issues
  • You want to Restart Exercise after many years of little or no exercise
  • You’ve decided to change and reprioritise your life

Why use our Personal Trainers?
Focused, Realistic and Outcome based by creating habit

The Step Change occurs by creating good habit. At AMX Health & Fitness we do this by setting SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Based. We keep the end goal in mind as we set the smaller incremental goals.

We use each session to focus you on reaching the next target or outcome, remind ourselves of your main goal and confirm we are all clear on where you are heading. You will be encouraged to get there too. We review performance and results at regular intervals to make sure you remain on track. Each session should have a specific outcome.

Stop you Spinning Wheels

How many times has an exercise professional stopped you at a gym and corrected your technique? How do you know that you are doing things right to maximise the output of your session?

At AMX Health we remove the guesswork of using machines and weights because personal training sessions are based around the science of the human body and your physical condition (ability) and not the program on the treadmill. One to One training should also mean the chances of injury by doing things incorrectly at a gym or over / under exercise are greatly reduced.

Grab those results

Following this approach and by also sticking to the overall exercise plan, over the weeks you are likely to see incremental positive changes such as increased strength, increased reps in sets, reduction in weight and also being less tired. So long as you remain focused on your next goal or target, you will see the results and be driven to kick on with or without your trainer.

What to Expect at our Place
Our team of trainers includes experienced qualified Personal Trainers and Accredited Exercise Physiologists
At AMX Health & Fitness we use a variety of strength and fitness equipment to get the most of your program.
Our place is small, uncrowded and is climate controlled to be the optimum training environment throughout the year.
We will show you how to use the equipment so that you are confident that you are exercising safely and comfortably. We’ll progressively move you through the gears so that you are training to meet your goals.

Make the Step Change with Personal Training at AMX Health & Fitness in Hornsby
  1. Review trainer profiles here
  2. Fill out the contact form to contact a personal trainer
  3. Begin your Step Change

Group Heath & Fitness Training Hornsby

Group Fitness Training is an exciting and energetic way of exercising to reach your fitness, weight loss or lifestyle goals. With more than 20 sessions each week, whether its circuit training, core stability, or high intensity training, there is likely to be a session to meet your needs. AMX Health Group Fitness suits those who want to lose some weight or are looking to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The current timetable and session descriptions can be found here
7 Way’s Regular Exercise Sessions will benefit you
    1:. Moderate, regular exercise helps your heart
    2:. Do one hour of exercise 3-4 times a week and you’ll lose weight and keep it off!
    3:. Lower your odds of getting osteoporosis as you grow older. According to metabolic disease specialists even starting with a brisk walk can make a difference.
    4:. Studies show that exercise helps reduce systolic high blood pressure by nearly 4 mm Hg and diastolic high blood pressure by more than 2.5 mm Hg.
    5:. Exercise counters stress and depression. Psychological changes may occur because of changes in norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, all hormones which can affect mood and anxiety levels when you exercise.
    6:. Reduce your risk of cancer. At least 35% of all cancer deaths may be related to being overweight and lack of activity. Overweight people have more insulin, which promotes the growth of tumours. For women, exercise reduces oestrogen which is linked to breast cancer.
    7:. Exercise increases the flow of blood to the brain. Just as it improves circulation to the heart and the rest of the body, activity also stimulates the growth of nerve cells in the part of your brain involved in memory.

3 Reasons why Clients Choose AMX for Group Fitness and exercise
  1. You wont be a fish out of water – ever. Unless stated, our sessions are suitable for all abilities. You’ll find yourself working out with others of similar ability, giving and receiving encouragement & support so you get the most out of your sessions everytime. No favourites. You can just be yourself! You don’t have the pressure of pushing yourself too hard or feeling intimidated because you have to look a certain way as many people feel when they visit large gyms.
  2. Much more personalised approach to reach your goals At AMX health and fitness Hornsby, supervised group sessions are small and personal meaning that our knowledgeable instructors spend so much more time working with you than you could dream of at a group fitness class at a multi chain gym, health club or outdoor group fitness. Our instructors have the time to attend to each person in the session individually (this is great if you have an injury or are at a different level to others within your fitness journey – which is highly likely)
  3. No loud music or big egos. We consider the time you’ve set aside for exercise as precious and because we want you to get the most out of your time with us, we have designed our sessions so that your adrenalin rush is created from your interaction with our instructors & those around you and not the loud music. And because we don’t operate like a large chain or 24/7 gym, we don’t attract the big “look at me in the mirror” egos either.

To get started, all you need to do is follow the 3 C’s
    1. Contact Us using the form at the top of the page so that we can call you to arrange a visit. Or call us on 02 9477 2411
    2. Complete a simple health questionnaire to bring with you, so our instructors know a bit about you when you start. We will send you the form or you can fill it in when you come in.
    3. Come in to find out how we deliver on all 3 promises and have a workout too.

…..And at the end of your session, if you are happy to proceed further, speak with your instructor to choose a group fitness option that closely matches your needs.

We have simple packages ranging from single visits and 10 visit packages to Annual Health & Fitness Memberships.

Yoga Hornsby

Some translations of the word Yoga are “harnessing” and “Union”.

Studies have shown that shifting your physiology dramatically shifts your emotional and mental state; Yoga is the art of harnessing your body, mind and emotions to bring them into unity.

Yoga can be quite metaphysical although the fitness aspects of Yoga are equally significant.

Based in Hornsby, our Yoga classes provide a path that leads to better physical health and mental well-being, it is an array of techniques associated with simple movements, breathing, concentration, relaxation and meditation.

How Does Yoga Work?
Iyengar Yoga (a form of Hatha Yoga) is a very precise and dynamic way of practicing “Asanas” (postures and positions). You will gradually be introduced to the Asanas through sequence, timing and the use of props such as blankets, blocks, straps, walls and chairs.

Props are used to perform the Asanas correctly and more precisely, minimising the risk of injury or strain and making the postures easily accessible to both young and old.

An unhealthy body can be a burden to your mind making your thinking cloudy and continuously keeping you in a bad emotional state. Likewise an unhealthy mind has the same effects on the body by keeping muscles tense, influencing our posture and the way we breathe.

You can see now how your mind and body have a direct effect on each other.

As you continue with your Yoga sessions you’ll notice the increased control you have over your mind and body which ultimately allows you to have a higher quality of life.

For more information on Yoga click HERE

Pilates Hornsby

Pilates, unlike many other types of exercise is a whole body exercise that works every part of your body equally.

Pilates promotes strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for your joints.

Here Are Some Facts About Pilates:
  • Pilates is good for fat burning.
  • If you have joint pain then Pilates is an ideal solution if you want to do strength training because it is NO impact. Pilates uses your own body weight and gravity to increase your strength. This means you preserve your joints and also strengthen the muscles surrounding them without any risk of injury.
  • You can cure headaches caused by tight back muscles because Pilates greatly increases your circulation and releases muscle tension.
  • Pilates is also very effective at toning and tightening your body.

For more information on Pilates click HERE

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