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Amy Jayasuriya

Amy Jaya Pilates Yoga Personal Training

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Amy Jaya has been involved in the fitness industry for over fifteen years. She is a highly skilled and experienced Pilates instructor and trainer, personal trainer, Yoga instructor and qualified nutritionist.

Amy Jaya Pilates Yoga Personal Training

Focus areas

Energy Movement Weight management Relaxation Joy Fitness

About Amy

Most of Amy’s work with clients is one-on-one. She understands that you are unique. You have your own needs and your own goals. It therefore makes sense that you need a tailored health and fitness solution, just for you. Amy is keen to hear what your health and fitness goals are and she promises to work side-by-side with you to help you reach those goals. Amy knows that making the decision to set health and fitness goals and to keep committing to those goals is not easy. As such Amy works hard to make your time with her enjoyable and rewarding. Let Amy guide you on your journey to becoming the fitter and healthier you that you have always wanted to be.

The Amy Jaya difference

If you want a trainer who will smash you for short term results or give you a so-called quick fix, then Amy is NOT the trainer for you! Amy is the trainer for the intelligent client who appreciates that:

True health and fitness requires a multi-faceted approach – cardio; strength; mind/body and nutrition
Results come from consistently following a program that is designed around your needs and goals
Fads don’t work. Success comes from the application of proven scientific health and fitness strategies
You have good days and bad days and your program needs to take that into account
Amy is a trainer who knows her stuff. She knows what it takes to get results and she will give you everything she has to make your health and fitness dreams come true. Amy is an educator. She doesn’t just train you. She teaches you along the way so that you learn what you need to be fitter and healthier. Amy’s training gives you all the tools you need to make the lasting change you'e been craving.


We offer Fitness and Clinical Pilates – mat and equipment based – one-on-one sessions OR 2-3 person sessions (book in with a friend or family member), as well as larger group and corporate sessions.


Looking for a great way to combine relaxation and exercise? Of course you are! And Yoga is the perfect way to do it. It’s a fun workout but it’s not too strenuous and it combines movement with the opportunity for some quiet, reflective time away from our otherwise hectic lives.

Yoga is the unity of mind, body and spirit. By practising Yoga with Amy you will reap its many benefits such as increases in energy levels, reductions in stress and anxiety and improvements in strength, stamina, and overall fitness.

Personal Training

The massive rise in interest in personal training is due to the convenience of having an expert plan a highly energised and tailored program and work side by side with you to motivate and guide you to maximise results.

Whatever your goal is – be it weight loss, general fitness or training for a special event, Amy will design a tailor made program for you to suit your individual needs, abilities and fitness levels. Amy’s individualised programs are highly motivating, with a bit of fun along the way. Her passion, dedication and commitment to motivate clients guarantees results. Most of Amy’s personal training sessions are one on one but she also works with small groups and corporate teams.

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