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CONFIDENCE! Be the best version of you today!​ I want you to be empowered. I want you to live your BEST life!

Amy Smoje Coaching

Focus areas

Emotions Hypnotherapist Stress management Well-being Guilt Values

  • ​Learn to manage stress

  • Gain direction in your life​

  • Be a "Super Mum" who can do it all!​

  • Eliminate toxic relationships

  • ​Build genuine confidence

  • Eliminate anxiety and depression

  • Open your heart and your life to find the kind of love that lasts

  • Change unwanted habits and behaviours


Hi there, my name is Amy. I've been working with clients to help them bring joy, meaning and quality into their lives for more than 8 years through coaching, hypnosis, seminars and workshops. I am currently working on writing a book to help bring confidence to young women. My goal and vision is to work with individuals to overcome challenges they face in their lives and empower them to live an extraordinary life, in whatever that means for them. For some, extraordinary means charity and giving back, for others it's wealth and leadership. Whatever extraordinary is for you, I believe that you can get there no matter what your circumstances!

We are meant to have love and joy in our lives. Not stress and heartache. Yes those things are a part of life too, but we should have more joy and love and happiness in our lives. Our lives should be rich in laughter and smiles and gratitude. 

Every client has unique circumstances but one thing every client has in common is the strength and power to change their lives. I am honored to have helped so many find this strength and power within themselves. Through helping others, I grow; therefore I am humbled by every person who allows me to take part in their journey of growth and self discovery.  

My strength comes from the journey I've taken in my life. My confidence comes from the battles I've had to fight within my own life. My tenacity comes from my desire to help as many people find meaning in their lives as possible. My joy comes from the feedback and gratitude I receive from so many clients who show me everyday the strength and confidence they find within themselves to have positive and powerful change. 

Why Clients Choose Amy

I am passionate about what I do. Every one faces challenges. It's how we deal with them that makes the difference.

  • Accredited Life Coach (DoLC)

  • Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Certified in Matrix Therapies

  • Exceptional feedback and results

Common Question Answered...

Do You Offer A Free Initial Session?

Yes - All introductory sessions are free.

How long are the sessions?

Each session length is dependant on the person and the challenges we address. In general, intro sessions are anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Additional sessions can go anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Sessions are not bound by a time restriction, however, additional fees may apply after 1.5 hrs

To complete Matrix Therapies, a 2 hour session will be booked.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Payments can be made via direct deposit, cash or I can accept credit card payments via PayPal.

Are Our Sessions Confidential?

Yes, all sessions are confidential.

What Does It Cost?

Introductory sessions are free. After that, I will put together a package tailored to your needs.

In general, sessions are $147 for individual coaching sessions.

Package prices for coaching come in 3, 5 or 7 session packages and are priced according to needs of the client but will always work out cheaper than purchasing individual sessions.

Negative Emotions Clearing (Matrix Therapies are $247 (generally one session will be enough, in some cases, we may need an additional session in which this will be charged at the coaching price of $147)

Hypnosis and Coaching are $397 and include introductory session, up to 3 x hypnosis and 2 x phone follow ups to ensure you've stayed on track with your goals.

Single Hypnosis sessions can be purchased for previous or existing clients at a price of $97. ​

For non-existing clients who wish to have a single session, this will be offered for $197 with a free consultation and one free phone follow up. ​

What's the difference between a therapist and a life coach?

Therapy Coaching
Assumes you need healing Assumes you are whole
Based in medicine, psychiatry Based in business, relationships, personal development, wellbeing and growth settings
Works with people to achieve emotional healing Moves people to a higher level of consciousness, understanding and functioning
Focuses on feelings and past events Focuses on actions and the future
Explores problems at their root cause Focuses on the way forward
Works to bring the unconscious into consciousness Works with the conscious mind to understand why we make the decisions we make.
Works for internal resolution and letting go of old patterns and habits Works towards external solutions to overcome limiting beliefs, learn new skills and make effective choices.

One to One Coaching

  • Finding Love

  • Heal Relationships

  • Family

  • Career

  • Personal Growth

  • Health

  • Fitness

  • Weight Loss

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Business


Do you have old pain that keeps coming up?

Do you feel as though you can't grow because these old feelings are chained to you?

​It's okay. You are not alone. Everyone has a past. Together we can overcome the challenges you are facing and help you move to the next stage in your life.

Learn how you can let go, change the meaning and the impact of your pain, let go of guilt and shame, eliminate unhealthy fear and worry, dissolve anger​ and change the sadness in your past.


Do you feel stuck? Unsure where you're going but just know you need a change?

Are you waiting for something big to just fall into your life but not sure what?

Have you followed your heart? Or are you doing what's 'expected' of you? Are you living to your own values? Or someone elses?

Many of us come to a stage in our lives where we just feel...lost. Like we've been going in the wrong direction, but not even sure when we started or how far off course we are.

Don't worry. You're actually not lost at all. ​You've only lost your compass, not your way.

Together we can find that missing piece. ​


Want to move your team or business to the next level but not sure where to start?

Do you have big goals for yourself but not sure you will ever get there?

We all have the ability to achieve amazing things, but the inner critic, that inside voice sometimes brings us down. For some of us, it's down right debilitating.

If you're not sure if you will ever be able to reach your goals, do a quick search on the internet for "reaching goals in the face of adversity" and come see me an hour later.

The truth is, you CAN reach those goals, you just haven't told yourself you can.

If you still aren't sure, give me a call. We will work through it together. ​

Weight Loss

Natural Mind/Body Transformation Program

​This is more than a weight loss program. It's a "Feel great about yourself and give your body the beautiful nourishment, treatment and ​fulfillment it deserves" program.

for confidence and weightloss

Do you want to feel better about yourself?

Do you want to lose weight and feel amazing?​

For just one moment , picture yourself as exactly the size you wish to be. Picture yourself with the vitality and spring in your step. Picture yourself confident and happy. Soak that in for a moment...

What does that feel like? Do you feel that excitement? That joy? That powerful feeling that you can do anything?

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program

You don't have to go "cold turkey"... there is a better way.

​FREE Consultation

Free consultation to make sure this program is right for you.


60 Minute Quit Smoking Hypnosis

For a free consultation and quote, please click the button below. There's no obligation and your information is confidential. ​

​FREE Follow Up

4 week follow up

3 month follow up

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