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Anahata Ayurveda

Melissa Maguire

Victoria Park WA 6100

Servicing area: Perth



Empower yourself with the knowledge to take care of your own health.

Ayurveda can teach you how.


Initial Consultation 90mins $100

In an initial consultation, we will look at your presenting complaint, the physical, mental and the spiritual. We will look at your health history, diet, and nutritional status, with recommendations according to your constitutional (doshic) type.

We will assess your constitution (dosha), and see where any imbalance lies.

Treatment may involve herbal supplements, stress management, lifestyle changes, nutritional advice, tactile therapies and more.


Follow up Consultation 60mins $60

Here we will assess how well your health and wellbeing is progressing, and make any adjustments to your treatment plan and herbal preparations.

herbal preparations 180g $40


About Me

I have had a lifelong passion for natural medicine and energy healing.

When I found Ayurveda, I was really inspired, as it is a modality looks at the whole person, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Ayurveda looks for the root of the issue or complaint.

Ayurveda is wonderful knowledge that helps to keep you healthy and balanced,

Through diet, home remedies, herbs and simple lifestyle practices., making it both effective and affordable.


For many years I was plagued with rosacea, and inflamed skin. I tried many different treatments, from conventional dermatologists, to more naturopathic approaches. Ayurveda was the modality that made a difference, and taught me how to heal my skin with dietary changes, herbs and topical preparation.

I am grateful for the knowledge that I have gained through this wonderful modality.


I graduated with an advanced Diploma of Ayurveda from AIHM.

Best wishes

Melissa Maguire