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Jan 2019

Anahata Karma Pty Ltd

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Contact Name Brent IAm
Mobile 0435 945 504
Address Melbourne VIC 3000

Brent IAm is a gifted healer, writer and Yoga teacher who is blessed with gifts of prophecy and the ability to discern all aspects of a spiritual pathway.

Anahata Karma Pty Ltd


by Brent IAm
​Personal and Professional

  • Healing
    • Hands-on faith healing ​bringing you peace, and ​often miraculous changes
    • ​Removal of unnatural spiritual activity around or in you
    • Removal of issues in your family lineage
  • Seer and Medium
    • Brent's gift as a Seer allows him to see much of what is coming
    • As a Medium, Brent has been blessed to have regular contact with The Other Side and has passed on many messages to loved ones left behind here on earth
  • Spiritual Training
    • Brent has a detailed Spiritual Training Course ​titled "15-Seconds"
    • Reiki Training up to Reiki Master/Teacher level
    • Meditation Training
    • Yoga Training
    • Psychic Mediumship Training
  • Prison Guide for Inmates
    • Brent has a detailed prison guide for inmates and those who visit ​and support them
  • One-On-One Sessions
    • Counselling
    • Motivation
    • Training in spiritual matters
  • The Karma Bus
    • Children's book series
    • Video Book
    • iBook

About Brent IAm

In a "New Age" world - it is hard to navigate what is true and what is not true. Everyone, apparently, is an expert in many New Age things. I speak from vast actual experience where I will help you to stay grounded, sensible and focussed on things that will actually benefit you and your family.

​If you work with me, you will very quickly have prayers answered and begin to experience miracles.

Yes I teach meditation, so that you can learn to be still and know God.

Yes I teach Yoga, so you can learn to stretch, synchronised with your breath. This allows you to let go of worldly stress, causing you to become still and to know God.

I am a hands-on-faith-healer and I also have the gift of prophecy.

​The ancient Aramaic language, spoken by Jesus, used the word "Rucha" which means "breath" or "wind" and also means "spirit". In other words, learning to breath deeply can make you more at one with your spirit and in turn give you great stillness. It is only in stillness through prayer and meditation that God will guide you, as opposed to your busy mind creating a variety of possible scenarios to continually confuse you.

In approx. the year 2000 I had Christ begin appearing to me. I know it was him, as his appearance was coupled with a powerful feeling a thousand times stronger than any love I have experienced on earth. You may read many testimonials about the love and the great energy that people feel from me. This is not me - this is Jesus shining through me!

My biggest life lesson has been that navigating life in our own power will always, eventually fail and fall short. We all need the supernatural power and the divine love that comes from a relationship with Jesus.

Unsure? Then have a session with me - for my own motto is "Don't tell me - show me"! A session with me will allow you to experience the Grace and the love that Jesus brings. Jesus has gifted me with prophecy and I know it is from him as what comes through is always for the betterment of a person and their family as a whole, with love, for love and inclusive of love at every turn.

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