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Anahata Therapies

17 Myahgah Rd
Mosman NSW 2088

Anahata Therapies
Come and experience Anahata on your own or as a group to celebrate a special occasion or event. We provide group packages.

Anahata Therapies

“Anahata Therapies” located in the heart of Mosman is an Ayurvedic Centre that specialises in the “Goddess” – by indulging women (as well as men) with Ayurvedic as well as Western based treatments and consultations including facials, massage, body treatments, ayurvedic, nutritional & naturopathic consultations, fertility, baby massage, yoga & meditation and energetic healing.

The word “Anahata” is the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra in the body. It is the place where the soul resides and personal truth resonates. The inspiration for the centre in fact comes from the ancient Indian healing philosophy of Ayurveda - a philosophy which is now gaining devotees in western society because it focuses on the balance of mind, body, spirit and nature in order to promote optimum health. Healing from the heart is our mantra and philosophy.

Ayurvedic Massage & Treatments

Every Massage commences with a 15 minute Consultation and is included in the cost of the treatment. All massages use Ayurvedic Massage Oils specific to each dosha. Anahata Therapies uses Nativa Organic Towels, Linen & Spa Wraps from India dyed with Organic Ayurvedic herbs under the guidance and prescription of Ayurvedic Doctors.

It is strongly recommended that a complimentary 10-30 minute relaxation and nurture be followed after a Therapeutic Massage.


Dear Jana, thankyou so much for a fantastic healing and massage last Thursday! You have an amazing gift as a healer! It is a real privilege to work with you!

Best regards

Stephen White

Dear Jana,

Thank you so much for taking the time to nurture me at Anahata today. I felt you (and also chatting with Astrid) were truly present and giving of yourself and your precious energy. I know how much you all must have put into the creation and manifestation of your sanctuary.

As for the massage... What can I say? Your personal and nurturing energy allowed me to feel Honored and nurtured. A true gift. Thank you!

Sending gratitude and I'll spread the word :)

Sending light to you and your team,

Anna Le Her (Ayurvedic Massage)

Dear Jana,

Following the wonderful Shirodhara treatment I received from you last week at Anahata Therapies sanctuary I felt compelled to write and thank you from the depths of my soul.

As a Clairvoyant Medium who uses her third eye and spiritual vision as my life work I found the experience of the Shirodhara process and the clearing it produced to be most profound indeed. My spiritual vision has been with me from birth and I have been blessed with the gift that "other -worldly" sight offers.However, this gift also extracts a toll on the human state and I discovered the healing properties that your treatment gave me were sublime. To be able to rest my second sight for a brief interval and journey to where my spiritual support reside was a wondrous and beautiful experience.

Your treatment Jana, has afforded me a renewed clarity in my work with my clients and in addition has given me inspired vision for my future path of service ahead.

I look forward to completing the series of treatments you suggested in order to fully integrate this amazing cleansing and refining experience.

My gracious thanks for all the work you do at Anahata as you heal and treat all sentient beings as well as the support and maintenance of those of us who are on the path of spiritual service.

Love and Blessings,

Ruthie Phillips

(Shirodhara & Ayurvedic Massage)

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