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Anamachara Holistic Therapies

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Janet is a Naturopath, using a range of therapies, tailored to individual needs of her clients, which include Polarity Therapy, Herbal medicine. Nutrition Appointments can be made by calling 08 85543831

Anamachara Holistic Therapies

Servicing area

Port Elliot, South Australia

Focus areas

Parasites Stress management Blood analysis Sciatica Anxiety Heavy metals

  • Health consultations
  • Naturopathy
  • Herbal medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Iridology
  • Polarity therapy
  • Live and coagulated blood analysis
  • Energy healing

  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine
  • Advanced Diploma Nutrition
  • certificate in Polarity Therapy
  • Certificate in Energetic/Spiritual healing
  • Cert 4 in training and assessment.

I am an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and the American Polarity therapists association.

Naturopathic consultation

The initial consultation is 1 hour, a form is sent to client prior to their first consultation, which is to be filled out and brought to the initial consultation. This is where a full history is established about your health, including an assessment of your current diet / nutrition. A live and dry blood analysis will be part of this consultation. Other diagnostic techniques may be used such as urine indican, zinc tally, blood pressure, tongue and nail diagnosis and iridology. Other tests may need to be sent of to specific laboratories for analysis, such as Hormone saliva tests, food allergy tests or hair tissue mineral analysis. I will then work out a plan for you which may include dietary changes, supplements, and depending on the situation, other modalities may be used (in another appointment) such as Polarity therapy or energetic spiritual healing. Most follow up consultations will be in a months time, where live blood analysis will again be checked to monitor the progress, along with information from the client

Live blood analysis

Tells an amazing amount of information about your health. It will tell you the health status of your red and white blood cells and also your platelets. Some of the problems that show up are nutrient deficiencies, for example B12, iron, magnesium, it will also show digestive problems, yeast buds, bad bacteria in the gut, cholesterol, liver stress, parasites, uric acid, food allergies, environmental allergies, plus many more things, it is a very useful technique and enables us to quickly get to the source of your problems.

Dry blood analysis

Will show up such conditions as Adrenal stress, hormonal imbalances, musculo / skeletal, thyroid, heart, lungs. Uterus / prostate, blood sugar imbalances, inflammation, parasites . Liver problems, heavy metals and lots more.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is Energy medicine, created by Dr Randolph Stone. He believed it to be a science medicine, that understands the body as energy, and works with the healing power of life force energy, He believed it to be a science of health.

A healthy body is dependent on maintaining free flowing energy circuits, when there is pain, there is an obstruction of the energy flow. Polarity acknowledges that we are more than our physical body, we are energy.

Polarity therapy balances the subtle energy circuits offering a powerful body/mind/spiritual psychology and a deep understanding of energy, nature and the healing process.

Many different techniques are incorporated into the Polarity treatment, Reflexology, acupressure, Ayurvedic philosophies, osteopathic, chiropractic, cranio sacral, nutrition, and has its own set of exercises for maximizing energy flow according to the elements.

Treatments are done fully clothed, although it is preferred that you wear something loose and comfortable, or bring comfortable clothing to change into for the treatment.

During the treatment different contacts will be made, using holding, rocking or pressure to stimulate the energy problem. Different sensations may be experienced as the energy moves around and balances itself out, these sensations or feelings are different for each person.

Succesful outcomes have been achieved using Polarity for a number of different dis-eases, including, Anxiety, Deppression, Insomnia, Restless legs, poor memory, Sciatica, Digestive problems, emotional problems, hormonal imbalances, musculo skeletal problems, to name a few.
Polarity is a powerful, gentle and effective treatment.

Energetic / spiritual healing

Brings balance and healing to the physical body by working on the emotional and spiritual bodies, is a powerful process which enables the release of emotional masses and negative energies, clearing the chakras and aura. Different techniques may be used, such as inner child work, soul retrieval, past life and spirit releasement, chakra balancing, and more, these techniques enable the client to move forward in their life releasing the things that are not working for them, enabling a sense of peace and the freedom to pursue the life they truly want to be living.

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