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Ananda Mahony

Ananda Mahony

Grange Clinic: Vibe Natural Health
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Ananda Mahony

Are you tired of your battle with acne, psoriasis or eczema?

Heal Your Skin Program

Achieve Clear, Healthy Skin 

Have you tried all sorts of medications on your skin but the itch, flakes, and oozing still won’t stop? Ananda Mahony can help you find the most effective treatment through Heal Your Skin in Grange QLD. 

There is no panacea for any skin issue. But if you’re willing to start on a healing journey that requires some changes to your diet and lifestyle, you will certainly see a massive improvement in your skin and life as a whole.

The Heal Your Skin program helps you identify various factors that are contributing to your skin problem, such as diet, genes and hormones, among others, before coming up with a solution specifically tailored to your needs to ensure your skin benefits from it. 

In this 3-appointment healing program, which addresses acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis, you will be able to understand what factors contribute to your perplexing problem and what treatment plan will help improve your skin’s condition and overall health. 

The reason we need to hold three appointments is that nothing in this world produces excellent results overnight. We need to get down to the underlying causes of your skin issue in order to achieve lasting results.

Benefits of Heal Your Skin

  • Helps you achieve clearer, healthier skin
  • Visible improvements on skin after 3 appointments
  • Promotes wellbeing and overall health
  • Helps you grasp the underlying causes of your skin condition
  • Gives you insight on what foods support your skin and which doesn’t
  • You can receive an individual at-home care program 
  • Be educated on which topical products suit your skin and how to choose them
  • Gain mindfulness and self-care strategies to support your overall health

How It Works

On our 60-minute initial appointment, I will record your case history and evaluate your skin through necessary testing and questionnaires to determine its health. 

Once we have accomplished that, we will work on a comprehensive treatment plan. I might suggest some supplements to assist in the progress of the treatment, but this would be upon your discretion.

Your treatment plan will come with the following: 

  • A diet plan consisting of 10 days of recipes which include skin healing foods, as well as guidelines for the proper way of eating depending on your skin condition
  • Resources to support you in your skin healing journey such as a diet and symptoms diary, skin tracking templates, commitment and goal setting worksheets, detox your kitchen plans, information about topical solutions and more

On our second appointment, we will go over your progress and make the necessary adjustments to the treatment. The same will take place on our third appointment, plus information on self-care, proper exercise, topical skincare, mindfulness, dietary changes and environmental resources.

Book an appointment to achieve clear and healthy skin through a natural and safe method.

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