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Mercedes C. Vivar

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Anchored Within

Behavioural Therapy 

Behaviour Therapy

Dealing with changes in an effective supportive way. 

  • A way of acting: like smoking less or being more outgoing
  • A way of feeling: like helping a person to be less scared, less depressed, or less anxious
  • A way of thinking: like learning to problem-solve or get rid of self-defeating thoughts
  • A way of dealing with physical or medical problems: like lessening back pain or helping a person stick to a doctor’s suggestions, or living and understanding anxiety in a healthy proactive manner. 

Behaviour Therapists usually focus more on the current situation and its solution, rather than the past.

We concentrate on the person’s views and beliefs about life issues. Not on personality traits. Behaviour Therapy treats individuals, parents, children, couples, and families.

Replacing ways of living that do not work well with ways of living that work, and giving people more control over their lives, are common goals of behaviour and cognitive behaviour therapy.

If you need assistance and talk about issues pressing on your mind pick up the phone and speak to Mercedes. 


“Everything you need to be optimally lean, fit and healthy and happy is just a decision away.  The decision you make will be the result of a thought. 


Qualification Details

  • Counselling therapist
  • NLP master practitioner
  • Psychotherapist
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

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