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Andrèa is an experienced natural health practitioner who is passionate about taking people on a journey back to their energised, balanced and confident selves. 

Energy Medicine

Andrèa introduced energy medicine to her practice after seeing the positive impact of combining naturopathic and energy medicine in her personal health journey.

Having the means to bypass conscious thought and communicate directly with the bodies in-built healing intelligence, allows Andrèa to determine what’s hindering your progress in any area of your life. Beyond this, it's possible to determine what is specifically needed in order to clear those blocks.

The aim of energy medicine is to remove the effects of stress – physical, mental, chemical and emotional – and to balance your body’s energies towards achieving positive goals, whether that is to resolve existing health issues, to enhance performance, to improve relationships or for personal growth. In doing so, energy medicine will provide you with a level of your body and emotional awareness quite unlike that of any other therapy.

Energy medicine can help:

    • Eliminate emotional, physical and mental stress
    • Let go of emotions and negative cycles of life
    • Enhance learning and performance
    • Address persistent health issues such as digestive difficulties, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, headaches …to name but a few
    • Identify nutritional deficiencies or excesses
    • Balance the sensitivity to food and environmental reactions
    • Improve pain thresholds
    • Help overcome past trauma, fears and phobias
    • Aid the healing of injuries
    • Self-esteem and confidence building
    • Creating clarity and helping decision making
    • Setting and achieving goals
    • Helping you perform beyond your present reality

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Andrea Wardle - Naturopathic & Energy Medicine