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My aim as a massage therapist is to put you in control of your ongoing health.

Andrew Growder - Massage

Are you experiencing discomfort often or all the time? Do you wake up feeling pain or discomfort? Are you a public servant who works long hours and go home with neck, shoulder and lower back pain?

Have typical errands, for example, hanging out the washing, gardening, vacuuming become painful? Troubled by headaches? Movements restricted? Is your sleep interrupted?

You DO NOT need to be in pain and fight on… massage is a proven solution that can provide relief!


My services include:

  • Structural analysis & corrections

  • Relaxation and/or remedial massage

  • Sound healing with Tibetan and crystal gongs, bowls and other resonant instruments.

  • Providing a personalised stretching and strengthening program.

As a massage therapist my aim is to put you in control of your ongoing health. This involves targeted realignment and guided stretching for maintenance, as opposed to a lengthy treatment program.

Why Massage?

  • Relieves muscle soreness and tension

  • Aids relaxation and allows to the body to lower blood pressure

  • Increased circulation

  • Can be used to re-align incorrect postures

  • Stretching tense muscles and easing joint stiffness

  • Relieves emotional and physical discomfort.

  • Helps in the development of the immune system.

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