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Surrey Hills Melb & Frankston
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Servicing area: Inner Eastern Suburbs and surrounds, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula

Focus area: Telehealth
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Core Issue Elimination Technique is advanced transformational technology that accesses the absolute bottom of your core beliefs and all the related tangents of that issue and clears them usually in one session.

Core Issue Elimination Technique


Key Strategy that Unlocks

Metabolism | Vitality | Clarity | Anti-Aging | Fat Elimination

VALUE $96.00

This powerful technique methodically clears mindset limitations, emotional imbalances, negative behaviour patterns and spiritual blocks in important life areas such as relationships, finances, career and wellbeing.

Each consultation is comprehensive and complete in its own right (many unconscious contracts & beliefs are eliminated). The number of sessions required varies, depending on what you want to achieve. You actively participate in the work, gaining insight and profound awareness of what has been holding you back once and for all. A consultation runs for 1 hour - you remain aware, clothed and seated. During the session recipients report feeling relaxed, energised and some how freer and/or lighter in their energy as the session unfolds.

After completing the work, clients say they have more clarity and awareness of where they are going and what they need to do next in their life. Relationships, finances and career choices become less stressful and everything is easier and clearer. They become conscious of what is right for them and proactive in manifesting those choices. Often chronic and acute pain and health issues are improved or eliminated.

In-Person / Skype /Telephone Consultations are also available –
CALL 0409 140 173

Some Health Funds available.
Discounts for Pensioners upon request.
Merchant/Credit Card facilities provided.

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Christine Long - Life & Business Elevation Specialist

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