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Your unconscious mind is ultimately what runs you (it’s your ultimate driver) and therefore when cleaned up allows you to live your full potential with ease.Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy have the ability to reprogram your unconscious mind for positive change. When your unconscious mind is functioning without lots of limited or negative perceptions, you open a powerful gateway to living the life your desire. Your entrenched sabotage behaviours, thinking and emotions shift and you become empowered and balanced quite organically without having to ‘TRY” to think or be different.

Time Line Therapy (Hypnotherapy)

Servicing area

Eastern Suburbs and Surrounds, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula

Focus areas

Anxiety Adolescents Back pain Hormonal imbalance Infertility Mental health

You access hidden core blocks that are hindering you from experiencing what you want in your life

Time Line Therapy works with the unconscious mind. It operates similar to a software package in your computer, whilst your conscious mind represents the hardware. Even though you are not usually aware of your unconscious mind on a day to day basis, it is there, running the show behind the scenes. It won't matter how much work you do consciously to resolve any particular issue in your life, when there is a sub-conscious self- sabotage program present, it will prevent you from achieving it.

You are relaxed, conscious and very aware of all that is taking place. You remain upright, clothed and seated. Christine guides you through a simple process that assists you to locate the relevant unconscious, negative emotions and/or decisions that undermine your efforts an clear them. It is a therapy that empowers you, it is completely private (ie you do not have to discuss what your blocks are) and does not involve hours of counselling.

What issues are assisted with Time Line & Hypnotherapy?

Relationships, smoking, weight loss, addictions, anxiety, stress, emotional issues, health issues, infertility, unwanted behaviour patterns, chronic fatigue, anger, aches & pains, self-esteem, sexuality, phobias, panic attacks, fears.

Some Health Funds available.
Discounts for Pensioners upon request.
Merchant/Credit Card facilities provided.

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