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Accelerated Transformation Sessions
Member since
Nov 2005

Anew You Mind - Body Solutions

Online consult available
Contact Name Christine M Long
Phone 0409 140 168
Mobile 0409 140 168
Address Surrey Hills, Melbourne & Frankston VIC 3126
Servicing Areas Inner Eastern Suburbs and surrounds, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula
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These Powerful Consultations are Renowned for their Wisdom and Truth and Connect you to your Authentic Empowered Self. They Accurately Reveal your precise Mindset, Emotional or Soul Blocks and Self-Sabotages. PLUS deliver the specific steps to move forward beyond them.

Accelerated Transformation Sessions


Key Strategy that Unlocks

Metabolism | Vitality | Clarity | Anti-Aging | Fat Elimination

VALUE $96.00

Each session whether one on one or within a group dynamic are specifically designed for your self-empowerment, where you can re-ignite your passion for clear direction and purpose.

Any resistance, fears, blockages or uncertainties are addressed. You'll be given positive ways to assimilate the information received together with the exact priority DIY Personal Growth tools for long term term self-care, effective integration and tangible results.

Using these tools facilitates you 24/7 and enables you to continue clearing and integrating for many weeks after the session. This empowers you to attain complete resolution while elevating you to a whole new level over that time. 

Some Health Funds available.
Discounts for Pensioners upon request.
Merchant/Credit Card facilities provided.

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Christine Long - Life & Business Elevation Specialist

Founder of Anew You Mind - Body Solutions in Frankston & Surrey Hills Melbourne