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A qualified clinical reflexologist who studied at the Perth School of Reflexology and a member of the Reflexology Association with specialties in Children's reflexology, Face reflexology, Feet reflexology, Combination reflexology, Energy balance (chakra balances), Lotus gua sha facials,, Lymphatics drainage of feet, and Foot scrubs, exfoliation, foot masques.

Angel Feet Reflexology


I am a qualified clinical reflexologist who studied at the Perth School of Reflexology and a member of the Reflexology Association. I believe in a holistic approach to our Emotional, physical and spiritual well being. I believe that working with our body as a whole can help improve our specific ailments and help our stress levels and promotes relaxation.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic non-invasive treatment that complements other therapies and modern medicine, it is based on the principle that all components if the body is reflected in the feet, hands, face and ears. Reflexes to address imbalances in the mind and the body. It promotes balance, relieves stress and toxins allowing energy to flow more freely through the body.

What can reflexology help with?

Stress, Anxiety, pain management, hormonal imbalances, improves circulation, detoxifies the body, improve sleep quality, balances the nervous systems, boost lymphatics function, enhances the body's natural healing process, increases energy and vitality.

What Can I Expect from a reflexology treatment?

All reflexology treatment begin with am Essential oil aromatherapy foot soal, with relaxing essential oil candles burning for optimal realization. In mind you will be given a brief explanation of reflexology and its benefits, after your soak, I will apply relaxation techniques to your feet and look with reflex areas on your feet. After your treatment, your session will be discussed with you and suggestions and a plan if needed to achieve your health goals. A series of sessions may be needed if the condition is if chronic in nature, regular reflexology sessions are beneficial in maintaining health and wellbeing.

Who is reflexology good for?

Everyone can benefit from reflexology, but especially people who are stressed, have anxiety, need pain management, cancer patients, poor circulation, hold fluid retention, headaches, depression, sore backs, helps with mental and physical health, hormonal and menopausal people, children too can benefit.


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  • Children's reflexology
  • Face reflexology
  • Feet reflexology
  • Combination reflexology
  • Energy balance (chakra balances)
  • Lotus gua sha facials, Lymphatics drainage of feet
  • Foot scrubs, exfoliation, foot masques.

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