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Phoenix Rising Transformations

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Phoenix Rising Transformations

Consultations, Readings, Parties, Short Courses, Psychic Dinners, Dial-A-Meditation, Private Yoga & Ceremonies for all occasions

Phoenix Rising Transformations

Colour touches everyone and has an effect on everything in life. Attending a colour consultation raises greater possibilities for self healing by bringing balance through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of experience.

During a consultation the client chooses a series of different coloured bottles which act as keys to access different levels of consciousness. During a reading it becomes clear which are the right colour combinations for the client to work with for releasing energy blockages for healing at subtle levels to take place.

In the colour combinations chosen a client may decide to work with an Equilibrium Bottle, a Pomander, a Quintessence and/or a personal spray mixed just for you which includes the appropriate essences. Some benefits from the different combinations may include:

Equilibrium Bottles

  • More love & joy in your life
  • Awaken to your full potential
  • Better manage stress
  • Feel more relaxed
  • Grounded and connected


  • Colour energy protection
  • Daily hygiene for your electromagnetic field
  • Greater inner harmony
  • Positive emotions and thoughts


  • Consciously connect with your soul essence
  • Enhance your intuition and ability to act on it
  • Harmonize your subtle bodies
  • Assist meditation and connections with Spirit
  • Embrace and align with your true potential.


  • Fine spiritual tuning
  • Include transformational frequencies
  • Personal sprays mixed just for you

Meditations just for you

  • Phone meditations for your personal growth based on chosen colour combinations

Why is Colour Therapy so remarkable?


The dual-coloured bottles are filled with organic, dynamic, living energy – the energy of colour, herbal extracts, essential oils, gems & crystals.


And divinely inspired. The first therapy to combine the living energies of colour with essential oils, herbal medicine and crystal therapy in a holistic way, according to vibration. Colour is the key to linking the vibratory power of these therapies, and through the colours you will discover a mirror of your soul. Colour Therapy is a vibrant, evolving system that helps open the door to healing and consciousness.

It’s self-empowering!

Empowering you to make decisions for yourself – not relying on anyone else. Colour Therapy is non-intrusive. No one can know you better than you. You select the bottles that appeal to you, and through colour, they tell your story.

Scientists are beginning to discover the miracle that we are beings of Light - energy vibrating at different levels – each vibrational level projecting a colour of the rainbow.

The life force running through us is regulated by subtle energy centres called chakras. Each chakra is in constant motion and resonates to a particular wavelength of colour. When you feel “off colour”, one or more of these centres is out of balance. You restore balance and a health rhythm when you apply to the centre the colour, plant and crystal vibrations of the appropriate bottle.

For over a decade people have successfully been using Colour Therapy as a tool to restore and maintain health on all levels. This therapy is now being embraced worldwide by people of all ages from many cultural, religious, philosophical and healing backgrounds.

Some benefits of Colour Therapy

A structured & intuitive system for enhancing your life

  • A subtle approach opening to higher energies
  • Complements other therapies
  • Practitioners use with massage, acupuncture & any other energy modality
  • Regular use - open up to more energy & creativity
  • Balancing physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels of oneself

Come for a session

You choose the coloured bottles:  a deeply insightful reading helps your decisions.

Consultations may include:

  • The reasons for your incarnation
  • Your gifts & challenges
  • Any issues you may be dealing with now
  • The next stage on your journey of life

Works with other life enhancing tools – spiritually potent

  • Tarot cards
  • Numerology / Tree of Life
  • Yoga, Meditation
  • Chakra balancing
  • Helpful for ascension & soul realization 

Workshops, Short Courses & Ceremonies eg.

  • New Directions: includes visualization & meditation, establishing what you’re releasing, accessing who I truly am to empower the future, finishing with fire ceremony
  • I’m Using Colour Therapy : short courses structured to get the most out of using the Arua-Soma products.

View my list of different Course Title available here.

Private sessions – group work – different venues – Perth metro



Consultations $120

Other Events on request

Some products available separately for purchase

Choose a personal meditation based on your colours

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