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Do you feel stuck in your life? Like you're living for everyone but yourself? Has your spark dimmed and you desperately want to get back in touch with what lights you up? I hear you. This is my area of specialty. I live to help ladies regain that love of life you once had before a never ending list of demands puts you at the bottom of your priorities. I have been there and I can bring you back to a place of excitement and pure desire for your life! This is the only life we get and we deserve to be happy, healthy, thriving, engaged and connected. I pull from a diverse range of modalities, tools and the experience of both myself and my clients to make sure I can tailor my approach based on YOU and not just general advice. I partner with my clients and together we will get you loving your life, able to calmly approach your tasks and hit the goals you set for yourself while also any underlying beliefs or blocks that have been holding you back when you've tried to change things on your own.

Life Coach and Self love specialist

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Despite experiencing the toughest lows and the highest of highs life has to offer, I have turned my life around and now I would love to partner with you so we can get you to the best place you've ever been, excited for your future. With my experience, qualifications, sage insights, tools and more I can help you discover your intuition, provide you with effective strategies and most importantly an unwavering belief in your potential.  

With my decades of experience in personal development, spiritual seeking, life living, and science study, I will make sure you skip some steps and get to your destination faster.   

I aim to empower you with the tools to fulfil your desires and deal with your issues in the fastest time possible. I want to demystify joy, show you how to love and trust yourself as you are, and help you apply tiny steps for massive changes and the results you deeply desire in your life.



Services Offered

Weekly Coaching

Either online or in person in Melbourne or a mix of both, I will coach and cousel you to acheive your desires and get to the place in life you have been struggling to get to alone.  I will offer you unwavering support, helping you to uncover and heal anything holding you back and then put a plan together to acheive your goals and hold you accountable as you start becoming the person you've always wanted to be. 

One-on-One 3 month Coaching Package - Empower and Connect

An exclusive 3-month Coach Program devoted to helping you achieve the deep, massive transformation you desire and need in your life. Go from being stressed, overwhelmed and disconnected to being calm and confident.

This magical experience is for anyone: 

  • Ready to achieve your future vision but don’t have the time to trial and error your way there, so you want results that last, a YOU that you can love.
  • Want a proven formula with steps to follow, but with a customised strategy unique to you.
  • Stressed and overwhelmed, but you feel there is more to life than what you’re experiencing now.
  • Despite trying therapy or other modalities, you have gained some awareness but not long-lasting results or deep shifts in your life, and you are ready to commit to the change you know you must make to move forward in life.
  • Have it all together on the surface, but you know it’s about to crumble at any minute, so you want everything you have to mean more to you, and you want to experience all that you have and find joy at the moment.
  • Need someone who will inspire you, challenge you, hold you accountable, have faith in you and your dreams, and who has the tools to succeed.
  • Commit to small daily changes to achieve massive results



Human Design Analysis

A key part of Human Design is the focus on differentiation, which means we are all different even though we are raised in a homogeneous culture that wants us to be the same.

By accepting who you are, you embrace your individuality. Then you learn how your energy operates optimally, how others see you, potential roadblocks, and all the specialness you possess. A human design reading will give you all this, plus how you best make decisions and so much more!!

Get in touch with Angela today to learn more about her services and how they can benefit you!


2022 Goal and Intention setting workshop

Life Coaching Mindfulness Mindfulness Online Life Coaching Online
$50 Per class

Join my workshop to set yourself up for a strong and successful 2022!! Setting your intentions is a powerful way to make your goals meaningful and you will receive a free meditation that will help you ground your goals into your subconscious.

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