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Angela Sciberras Kinesiologist


"After 15 years, and thousands of client sessions I have become an expert in gathering the pieces to the subconscious puzzle that are the reasons, patterns and subconscious perceptions as to why you may be experiencing your symptoms, emotions and life path.

It has been an immense honour to journey with thousands of souls, witnessing countless hearts healing, be touched by the courage and humility of hundreds of humans, and be moved by humanity in all its forms."




"I LOVE WHAT I DO, because I am endlessly stunned at the magic, and remarkable journey that unfolds with each client and session. No two sessions are alike because YOU are UNIQUE.

It is always such a joy to see clients co-create results that often blow both our minds, restore our faith in the magic of life, and see the unimaginable, and so called impossible be achieved.

It is true, emotion's buried alive never die, and it is a pleasure to walk with you on a journey into the body, mind, neurology and soul to discover all that is needed to create freedom, peace of mind, improved qaulity of life, and results you never imagined possible"

- Angela Sciberras


* Depression
* Feel stuck in your business
* Caught in undervaluing your service or work?
* Allergies & Food Intolerance
* Emotional Fatigue
* Digestive & Gastro Intestinal Dysfunction
* Work-Life Balance Issues
* Recurring Infections
* Low Motivation
* Insomnia
* Anxiety
* Skin Conditions
* Nervous Tension
* Chronic Fatigue
* Fear or Panic Attacks
* Candida
* Relationship Issues
* Forgetfulness
* Emotional Stress
* Learning Difficulties & Physical Pain or Injuries
* Sick of Living at the level of sacrifice, struggle and drama?





Is the powerful combination of Clinical Biochemical Facial Analysis and Assessment(1 hour), Iris assessment to discover the blue print of your genetic, generational tendencies, strengths and potentials (1 hour), pulling all together with a 90 min Kinesiology session to balance the body, mind spirit to the above and discover the blocks, traumas, patterns, beliefs and habits preventing you from living a life you love, transforming symptoms. A total of over 3 + hours work involved.


Kinesiology Plus Clinical Biochemical Analysis is the ideal starting point. Included is: Detailed symptom & health history form to fill out and return, and 1 hour online Kinesiology in person / or in person skype consultation.

48 hours prior to the consultation, you would email clear photos (front/side) free from shadows & artificial light, and your form to assist me in assessing the most powerful recommendations for tissue salts & minerals that are showing through the combination of your facial signs, symptoms, history form, & constitution. The assessment of your form and photo prior to the session will take on average1.5 hours minutes to complete which is why we need the forms and photos in plenty of time prior to your Kinesiology session.

I look forward to this eye opening journey through the body, mind, nervous and biochemical systems towards greater health and balance.

Part of this process includes Facial Diagnosis. By sending me a photo of your face, clear light, no shadows, and without makeup, as a Biochemical Therapy Practitioner we are trained to see facial signs and symptoms of possible mineral deficiancies etc. 

We are trained to work with the Schuerssler Biochemical Tissue Salts, which are inexpensive, safe, and easy to take to produce wonderful results on a cellular level.

Combining the power of Kinesiology and Neuro Training with the Biochemical rememdies is true Alchemy, giving us the ability to balance the body to the salt, and provide another level of support for the nervous system on a cellular level. You can however choose to have just the Biochemical Anyalsis.

It is a powerful way to give people from all walks of life an access to learning more about how their nervous system and neurology works with or against them to create the life they are living, restore personal power, and find the freedom to fully express their soul.

Not only will you discover your blocks and blind spots but also experience.



You can choose to book single sessions. This work is for souls who are ready to experience a laser beam of awareness into their life, and the profound release of being moved by who you really are.

People who undertake the work experience disappearing the blocks and blind spots in their life that may be coconsciously or unconsciously holding them back from living a fully self-expressed, passionate and fulfilling life.

After 15 years, and thousands of hours of Kinesiology and Neuro Training client sessions I have become an expert in the ability in gathering, seeing and understanding the pieces to the subconscious puzzle that is how people do their life. Through the nervous system we will clearly see the reasons, patterns and perceptions as to why you are limiting yourself, or experiencing physical symptoms. This discovery guiding you to cause immediate and life altering miracles within the areas of life most dreamed of.


All I will need from you is a few sentences about the symptoms, issues, struggles, goals, dream or physical issue you are dealing with and I will complete a 60 min session for you, without you even showing up (physically for the session)

I will then send you the information tested up in the session, any feedback, blockages released, or after session support suggested for greatest effect.

A simple and effect way to keep balanced, on track, or get out of your own way with ease. 



I look forward diving into the tiny universe and blue print that is your unique iris.

We will be assessing health potential in terms of the genetically inherited strengths and vulnerabilities of your unique iris. Iris analysis is one component in a multifaceted health assessment. One of the great strengths of iridology is that it is a non-invasive assessment method and provides helpful insights into a person and their potential and genetic inheritance.

Iridology is not a diagnostic tool and should never be used to such, so remember in this assessment we will be empowering you will knowledge of your genetic blueprint, and how to support your unique system considering its make up, and what you may able to do to avoid tendencies and vulnerabilities.

The iris serves as a guide for information collection. We may find a sign in your iris and query whether it is symptomatically current and active. We will then check for current symptoms of relevance with your history.

So what I will need you to do for me now is to email me two clear photographs of your isis. Clearly labelling which is Right and which is Left. Whether you will be coming in to the clinic for your 1 hour follow up session and discovery. I will also forward you a family history / symptom form to fill out and return to me before our one on one consultation online.

Please ensure that there is good light, it is often good to get help to achieve the best results. Here is an example below, of a relatively good photograph. It would have been better to see the whole iris (the top is a little covered by the eye lid) but t does show you what we are looking for.

Sometimes shining a light say from someone else's eye phone is good enough to help us see the detail, colour, lines and shapes of the iris. If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me and I can help you. In the end the better the photo the better the assessment.

It will take me at least an hour to assess the photographs so it is important to get them to me within at least 24 hours before our booked consultation time.



We dive deep into the subconscious information hidden within your cells, and nervous system to find the underlying causes of suffering, unsupportive habits and physical pain to experience the freedom of release utilising endless tools from Chinese medicine philosophy, brain retraining, and emotional release techniques. Unlock your inner vision and inspiration and live out your most powerful message to the world.

You can achieve these results with an in clinic in person consultation, or via Skype.


Works in the same way that it does for adults, however the sessions may be shorter and less intensive. It is a very safe and gentle session that can “talk to” your child’s nervous system to uncover and release blocks that are inhibiting their full potential.
Children often find it hard to communicate to us what they are feeling or thinking, therefore Kinesiology allows us understand their stress, behaviours, struggles and disfunction. Kidz experience it as a magical adventure.


Mineral salts are vital. If the cellular balance in the body is disrupted it causes a sick organism. This becomes visual even before physical symptom show, often in the human face. This healing method, which has been practised for over 130 years, has a regulating affect which gently intervenes in the cell metabolism, controls the biochemical conditions of the organism, and therefore brings about healing.

Facial analysis is an outstanding tool in determining accurately the bodies need for mineral substances at the same time detecting hidden deficits. A tool used in biochemistry according to Dr Schussler in order to optimally identify the necessary minerals needed for the client. In facial analysis the skin condition, colouration, skin structure, and wrinkles, are used as references of the necessity of biochemical remedies.

I look forward to taking you to a new level of awareness of your unique mineral needs, signs and symptoms, and giving you the tools to be able to support your system as asked by the body through our symptoms and the story on our faces. Like they say, "It was written on her face."



"In the simplest of terms, a quest is a search for, or pursuit of something... A quest is a journey into uncharted territory for the purpose of exploration and eventually the discovery of the prize that, when returned will revitalise, renew and transform our world." 
- R. Benson / The Quest Effect 

We are often afraid of this perilous and uncertain venture, but it holds the potential for huge rewards or game changing breakthroughs... 

In myth and legend, the Knights of the Round Table under took the quest for the Holy Grail, Dorothy journeys to find the Wizard of OZ, and Neo pursues the secret of the Matrix... Quests all of them.

What I realised in life and with my clients is that when I asked them to take part in every day programs and tasks, many would experience good results, but not the life changing world transforming break throughs needed to create immediate and lasting, magical, instant change. 

But when there was the element of "The Quest" for New Realmz in their journey, its story and unfolding would forever change them, the whole journey itself a key to the end result and treasure found. 

What is your Holy Grail? What realm do you wish to discover or create?

I seek to encourage people to purposely embark on their sacared quest or adventure towards new realmz with me. Our life is series of moments, and I have found the beauty of the journey with others is what brings me most joy, and the clients most profound change. To look back on the path, to laugh, to cry, to contemplate the magical synchronicities and alignments is deeply fulfilling. 






When you see the genius in others, you have the power to awaken them to it. This is what I love to do... Together we work to either unravel the meaning you have put onto your life that have created pain and suffering, and re-invigorate you with meaning that brings you joy and peace.

Stresses, traumas, injuries, unresolved grief, emotional or physical problems? These things can limit our ability to be healthy, and they use up our energy while we are trying to cope with them. Kinesiology can help you to find solutions to problems such as these, as we regain our energy, we can further our own healing.

Neuro-Training Kinesiology is a new way of experiencing the integration of many modalities that have existed for decades or even centuries. It is a synthesis and integration of many 'alternative modalities', 'self development techniques', 'learning enhancement programs' and other 'personal development skills'

You will discover the astonishing bio feedback mechanism, a communication system connected to the subconscious mind revealing the cause of the many behaviours and patterns that hinder the potential in YOUR life! 


"I have been on the path to discovering what it takes to empower myself and other human beings for most of my life, assisting people to get to the core of what it is that they are dealing with, and why it may be preventing them from living a life they love, and living it powerfully, or at least in peace.

As a clinician, event manager, artist, therapeutic musician, workshop facilitator and published author, I have combined the age old philosophy of the mystic, with the latest and most up to date Neuro Training techniques to assist clients to overcome personal blocks to success in all areas of life including business, family, health, wealth, and creativity.

I started my Kinesiology journey many years ago, when Kinesiology was something literally no one had heard of. They would say "A Kinesi-what???" I am sure you remember those days. To be honest I still get this from time to time.

After having a life changing result from 1 session with a Kinesiologist I became passionate and fascinated with healing, the body and helping others find relief from pain, suffering and trauma. At that time I was a full time musician, classical Flautists, training to become the next "Jane Rutter," minus being naked on a baby grand...

From the hours of practice, stage work, and rehearsals I developed debilitating tendonitis, which led to me having to put my instrument down to rest and heal. At this time my only options were surgery and or never play again, and both seemed out of the question. It was then someone recommended I see a Kinesiologist. Being desperate (as most people are once they get to me) I did and the rest was history.

I was astounded at the over 60% improvement in one session, and this came from some woman pressing my arm, and working out that I had associated the intense stress of practice with my instrument which was causing the inflammation. Once the emotions of fear, and stress were dealt with, the pain reduced and eventually healed completely. This was and is still unheard of.

And so I was hooked... The fascination of how this all worked got me, and the rest is history. I still have days in clinic where I think to myself;

"When did I get here?"

But those are the same days I thank God, the Universe or what ever you call it, that I was led on this path, as I have met and journeyed, cried and witnessed so many hearts that have healed me, as much as the work has healed them.

And so I became a qualified Neuro - Linguistic Kinesiologist, and then continued to study to become a fully qualified Neuro-Training Kinesiologist, and I have now been working with clients to empower and unleash their creative potential to achieve personal transformation, reveal and overcome personal blocks to achieving success and improve their vital health for 15 years.

From the day I started seeing clients - I have barely marketed my business and work, and the clients just always showed up - I truly believe Kinesiology chose me, I certainly wasn't that little girl dreaming of becoming a Kinesiologist.

Maybe Kinesiology was dreaming of a girl to find it, and journey with thousands of souls, witnessing countless hearts healing, be touched by the courage and humility of hundreds of humans, and be moved by humanity in all its forms. Just when I think I have heard it all, I meet someone new, and hear a whole new take on life, on the journey and strength it takes for some to move through this thing we call life.

One thing is for sure, I have learned over the years that pain and suffering, trauma and illness touches all people from all walks of life, at some time, and it is these brave souls who have journeyed with me that have me feel blessed.

Humbled and inspired to live my life as best I can. To keep showing up, and being reminded each day that we all have our story. We all have our own story to tell, heart to heal and joy to find. It is in this that we are all united. We are unique yet the same.

In this we can connect and heal together.

Over the years I have become masterful at using muscle testing and the body's innate bio feedback to discover the traumas, fears, habits, or self sabotage patterns that are holding a person back from becoming unleashed in their lives and creating the health, relationships, freedom, business success and fulfilment they wish for.

Having lived my own personal and powerful transformation I know what it takes to support you to energise your business, career, relationship, and life journey to the next level..."

- Angela Sciberras


This work is like no other, and with my 15 years experience in the transformation industry I have seen profound changes for some instantly with this powerful deep work.

You will never be the same again when you finally remember and realise who you really ARE!


“My Journey of Kinesiology With The Beautiful Angela...

My journey with Kinesiology began eight years ago, when not in a pleasant place I was searching for help that wasn’t in the form of a tablet and the question of “how did that make you feel?”

A friends shared Angela’s contacts and said she and her daughter had experienced great strengthening from their sessions.

So I called and went in with a very open heart...

Kinesiology gives me the opportunity to identify the feelings, emotions and experiences that my subconscious and physical body are having difficulties processing and sorting out, shooting messages in a variety of forms and ways.

It enables me to supportively identify areas of concern, manners of the heart, links to the past, present and future as well as engaging the brain to stop overthinking and begin to calm and centre itself.

Angela’s guiding, calm, sometimes unsettling, thought provoking and patient manner expressed through her warm, but supportive hands have opened me up, ensuring that I am looking into the depths of my heart to find answers to the many questions and difficulties I am experiencing in my life.

Her ability to read the human body, identify its needs and abilities to overcome and reset the subconscious is extremely settling.

I have gained many insights, tips and strategies that I put into practice each and everyday, especially on the hard days for example; coming home from hospital with my new baby and changing jobs.

I recently shared with a friend of mine, that I wish I could bottle the energy and internal feelings I leave my sessions with to tap into again and again.

The feeling of control, empowerment and balance are why I continually choose Angela and my journey with Kinesiology.

I (along with my husband) cannot thank Angela and Kinesiology enough for all that have enabled me to do in this journey of life and all it continues to throw my way. 💜”



"I am a professional MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER and event co-ordinator having brought some of the worlds finest speakers and trainers to our shore such as the inspiring (late) Stella Benson USA (International Healing Musicians Program) and more recently many world class speakers.

I recently placed Sacred Harp at the Cosmic Conciousness Conference at Uluru creating a profound space of high frequency and love for all attending.
I have a passion for the arts, culture and creativity, this enhancing my skills as a Kinesiologist to assist you to get clear about what it is in life that you wish to make possible, and begin working on this possibility to create and enjoy a life you love to live.

My mission is to unleash you to live life powerfully and assist you in delivering on those things that are important to you in life, whether it be health, wealth, learning, overcoming obstacles in your power, powerful self expression, and more.

What ever it is that you wish to overcome, improve or resolve, will become a magical journey towards total and free self expression of your spirit and life.

Anything in life is truly possible, and through this system of bio feedback, experience wisdom and intuition I am able to assist you to access the 'read out' of your frequency, your blueprint to life and current resonance, which will empower you to be able to acknowledge and transform your current way of being in order to experience new levels of freedom and power in your life.

We ensure that you are now in harmonic resonance with your life, your gifts, talents and desires for life.

I am very passionate about working with clients of all backgrounds, and ages, and is very much enjoying the influx of babies, and children being brought in by their parents to work on all manner of contexts such as digestive issues, learning obstacles, low self esteem and so much more."


"I am excited to journey with ordinary people who dare to live their own unique vibration and purpose in life - and for this to happen it requires focus, dedication, compassion and commitment. By embodying these qualities we can all advance and be uplifted in so many ways.


What is Physiokey? Physiokey is used for patients in all age groups with a wide variety of symptoms. The handy device stimulates self-regulation through biofeedback-controlled impulses.

Physiokey 100% drug-free pain relief technology. Designed specifically for health professionals working in the area of pain relief and rehabilitation. Non-Invasive interactive neurostimulation technology is combined with an intuitive touch-screen user interface providing immediate access to preset stimulation programs to treat a full range of injuries and painful conditions. The graphical display provides the user with quick and easy access to treatment programs for acute and chronic conditions.

The physiokey can be used to identify optimal treatment points, helping to ensure the most effective targeted treatment. Unique interactive stimulation provides highly effective, non-invasive, non-drug pain relief with simple treatment protocols.

Lightweight, portable and rechargeable the physiokey device is the perfect ideal to fast, effective and simple pain and injury management for health professionals everywhere and an important addition to any clinic practice dealing with pain. A range of accessory electrodes are available which provide multiple treatment options.

The physiokey is the next step in handheld pain relief devices. The nature of the physiokey’s interactive neurostimulation  allows for a unique evidenced based application that optimises certain treatment parameters and thus achieves consistently good results across a broad range of conditions, both acute and chronic in nature, not only providing direct therapeutic effect, but also activating the natural defences of the body.

The effect is achieved through the stimulation of trigger points and acupuncture points on the skin surface. By stimulating the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms, the physiokey’s direct effect is several times stronger than that of other physiotherapeutic devices, with no undesirable side effects.


"You do amazing work Angela inside and outside of Kinesiology

Your sessions always leave me with the awareness that my pain and experience profoundly motivates and inspires you to look deeply at your own life experiences. You seem to know innately that we all share similar journeys through life with different stories and connect of a deep level with me and so many others.

Its that deep awareness, compassion, and honesty that makes you so unique and so effective in transforming my life."

D. Silva (Australia)

Once you book with me you will receive an email with the details of your booking including time, address and cost.

Your answers will give us both a great starting point - and help me to be clear about what you are wanting to transform, and create in your life.

I realise that change can be difficult for us all. When we use our powers, focus and commitment to shift our reality drastically, it is almost expected that our human body may take a moment to catch up and align with this change.

The old reptilian part of our brain is set up to keep us experiencing familiar experiences that are coded into our brains for survival. This is why ANY CHANGE can feel uncomfortable for most people. Our brain re - creates the same types of circumstances and experiences over and over to keep us feeling safe.


So when we introduce something like changing our life path, and you have never achieved this before it doesn't feel familiar and we can often easily sabotage ourselves just as this experience is about to manifest.

This is why it is crucial to over come the often unpredictable emotional roller coast change can be and prevent sabotage by keeping you feeling supported, and continue to balance your nervous system and neurology to the beliefs, emotions and mindset need to create your dreams.

We also begin to tap into your innate gifts, talents and expression unique to you to access the mindset, beliefs and habits that will empower you for success.

During this journey we discover and create strategies to support you, continue to empower and dissolve influences that may reveal themselves as you grow, change and push past your own limiting boundaries and container.

We round things off by continuing to support you in your progress, providing techniques, balances, products, services, sounds and vibrations to keep you on track and prevent usual patterns of sabotage during challenging times and growth when we can often feel most vulnerable.


Anyone who has difficulty in doing something they want is a perfect candidate for Neuro-Training. We focus on the constant increase in positive results you will accumulate as you continue to use Neuro-Training. We don't want to list all the things that can go wrong in a person's life, but Neuro-Training can help you overcome just about any challenge you may encounter.

Neuro-Training reconditions your life experiences and because we don't know what life experiences you have had, we don't know what benefits it will bring you. We know you will have benefits though. For more detailed information about Neuro-Training and its development and benefits please visit


Once we have established the goal you would like to achieve, you lay on a massage table, face up and fully clothed. I then access your unique bio feedback mechanisms using a technique called muscle monitoring to assess their response to different thoughts and information I am testing to determine where the imbalance lies in your system and what balancing method or support you require for your body to be able to heal itself.

We access: Mindset, toxic emotions, emotional habits, beliefs, patterns, and limitless other contexts to discover your unique blue print which is affecting the power you have in business, health, relationships and any other area of your life.


The client's body gives the answers through bio-feedback in the form of a muscle test or muscle monitoring. This provides the information required to discover the individual needs of each person and will uncover imbalances, which are creating ill-health or emotional disturbance.

Muscle monitoring utilises the electrical circuits of the body, rather than the physical power of a muscle, and can allow the practitioner to ascertain many different things - limited only by his/her own training and expertise. To use a simple example, when checking for sensitivity (or allergy) to a food, the food is held next to the subject s face and the person being tested holds out their arm with straight elbow in front of the body. The practitioner then applies pressure on the arm, thereby testing a particular muscle (see the diagram). If the food being tested is unsuitable for the body, it registers as a stress and therefore creates a negative effect on the body, and the muscle being tested will fail or become weakened.

There are hundreds of different kinesiology balances which your body, through muscle testing, will determine the balance that is right for you right now. Because your body guides the session, what comes up will be exactly what you need and are ready to work on to put your body back into balance.


"Angela is a wonderful person and practitioner.
She conducts herself with such integrity and professionalism, that one feels totally at ease and trusting of the process.

I have had several sessions with Angela and every one has resulted in amazing changes in my life, all with such ease.

Well entrenched behaviour patterns are suddenly easy to change and new choices are made with very little effort.

My perception of myself and life around me takes on a new look and I find myself responding quite differently to situations than I would have in the past.

As a result of this, every session is highly anticipated and I leave with a sense of excitement as to what else has now changed in my life. Kinesiology is a wonderful resource that empowers you and reminds you that all change is possible.

I highly recommend Angela to anyone who desires to experience their life from a place of ease and joy." (Rosemary Leavey - Australia)


The answer is yes, it could, but there is more to it than that. With many complimentary health service options to choose from it can be confusing when deciding what to try to improve your life. But what if there was something you could do to help yourself? Something that could change the way your brain works, and therefore the way you live out your life?

Kinesiology uses the body’s own healing intelligence to restore imbalance within our mental, emotional, and physical systems. Initially investigated and developed by chiropractors embracing techniques derived from Chinese medicine, kinesiology combines the wisdom of eastern philosophy, with western understanding of anatomy, physiology and nutrition. During the session I would use muscle monitoring techniques to balance you, the consultation benefiting specific pain, allergies, depression, postural problems and learning difficulties and issues with sleep.


Most people think that they need a health issue to visit a Kinesiologist, but this could not be further from the truth. Kinesiology is for anyone who wants to take responsibility for what occurs in their life, for those who want to find out more about themselves, who wish to improve their performance in any area, and who wish to pursue a sense of inner calm.

We are so fortunate you and I, that our body is incredibly adaptive and although we are unlikely to be aware of it, the body compensates in order to survive. Sometimes we may receive an emotional shock and physically our body reacts, it may be tummy troubles, or back pain, these are just signs your body is giving you to communicate your ‘dis-ease’. Thus your dis-ease with the world ultimately translates to a disease in the body. I will work with you to explore some of these root causes and assist your own healing ability to return you back to balance. So why not give it a try?


I know all about it - I too have experienced all of these things and more in my journey! We feel the call life is sending us to expand, grow and release our past and fear and we can go into a mini crisis!

We can get caught up in our past, our mental fear chatter about not having enough money, time or confidence. We hear all the voices in our head that usually stop us from becoming the fully self aware, expanded Goddess, conscious being we know we are!

This is really common for so many of us. I too have been there in life, stashing away money in envelopes in my draw for bills, terrified I won't make it through the month. I felt scared, stuck, confused and like all my energy and work was for nothing.

But by stepping up, committing to myself and my worth, I have created the most incredible life, enjoying the most beautiful clinics in both Western Sydney, and prestigious Clarence Street smack bang in the middle of our beautiful city Sydney.

I went from basic session to now selling 5K Packages for souls who are ready to supercharge their frequency and life!

Money, and business may not be the transformation your after, this is just one example, but its one that was truly unimaginable for me having come from ancestral lack and scarcity thinking, low self esteem and struggle with money!

For you it could be relationships or health, what ever it is that is fine!

As I said earlier - the pain you feel is life calling you to play a bigger game. This rewiring, spiritual, mental, emotional and energetic support is the key.

Im extending my hand...
Im asking you to choose wealth...
Choose a service...
Choose money...
Choose your true voice...
Choose your expansion...
Choose your best life...
Choose your heart...
Choose abundance...
Choose pleasure and fun...

This training and support could easily create a tipping point in your life or business, professional life, relationships and family. A tipping point that finally has you living a life you love to live, empowered, out of scarcity, shame and struggle...

Believe me after over 15 years in this work, and thousands of hours and clients I deeply know this is not some pie in the sky promise. I have seen it, experienced it and know it to be true. This I know for sure. When you change your frequency, you light up your soul and heart, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

What I also know with my work as a Therapeutic Sacred Harp Musician working for 10 years in Palliative Care wards across Australia that time and life is so short, and so many of us waste our time in fear, when the one thing I hear out of the mouths of every person I sat with before that passed was the same...

"I wish I would have just lived the life I dreamed of, stopped worrying about what everyone else was thinking and doing and lived my life my way..."

By then for most it was too late - But the lesson for me was to always do my best to live my most inspiring and exciting abundant life, and pass on this wisdom and help as many people as I can choose to live this life before its way too late.

Its time to claim your power, its time to feel rich in all areas of life, turned on, lit up and on fire!

Obsessed with your success,

Angela Sciberras

For more information about Kinesiology or Therapeutic music please contact ANGELA SCIBERRAS email:

Qualification Details

Certified Iridologist Diploma Science Biochemic Therapy
  • Specialist Neuro-Training Kinesiologist
  • Solution Oriented Kinesiologist
  • Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiologist
  • Cert IV Kinesiology
  • BA.Mus.Honours
  • "AromaTouch" Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Massage Practitioner
  • Therapeutic Musician (Harp at the bedside of those in Palliative, Aged and Neonatal Care)
  • Motivational Speaker & InnerOrigin Advocate
  • Member AKA: 2829
  • ATMS Member Number: 50101


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