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Angel Soul Healing

Katherine Baldwin

Eltham Natural Healing Centre
1/266 Bolton St
Eltham VIC 3095

Servicing area: South Morang and Eltham, Victoria

Angel Soul Healing

Vortex Subconscious Specialist | Trance Healing Specialist | Trance Reiki | Traditional Reiki | Uluru Healing & Grounding | Uluru Chancing | Meditation Specialist | Crystal Healing | Astro healing |Circle Development Instructor |

About Angel Soul Healing

  • Are your a woman and feel like you were born to help others?
  • Are you so connected but are not sure where to go from here?
  • Do you want to finally shed all the guilt, fear and old patterns?
  • Do you have health problems that the Drs dont know how to fix?
  • Have you been labeled having personality disorder?
  • Are you a strong independant woman that needs some guidance?
  • Do you want to find you why so you can help millions?
  • Do you deep down know there is so much more?

If you answered YES! to two or more of these questions then we are here to help you. Here at Angel Soul Healing, Katherine Baldwin is the creator of The Vortex Subconscious Healing. Which provides fast and effective ways to help you feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. Just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button to organise your next appointment.

We now offer 4 Week Transformation Program

Here is your massive program!! 4 Week Transformation Package Course contains 5 weeks:
  • 5 Weekly 1.5 Hr Healing session
  • Daily Mantras Audio
  • Daily Healing Audio
  • Daily Meditation Audio
  • Face book secret support page for the full 5 weeks

All 4 Week Packs special

Offer those who pay up front in full, sit 2 circle for free for the 4 Week Transformation Program

We now offer
  • 12 Week Self Mastery
  • 13 Weekly 1.5 Hr Healing session
  • Daily Mantras Audio
  • Daily Healing Audio
  • Daily Meditation Audio
  • Free CD
  • Face book secret support page for the full 13 weeks


Offer for free, to sit 4 circles if you pay within 6 months for the 12 Week self Mastery.

We also offer 12 month World Class Enlightenment program we have a 45 min strategy session to see what you want to achieve what we need to heal in order to be the light for Millions.

Course contains 12 months of:
  • Fortnightly 1.5 Hr Healing session
  • Fortnightly 1.5 Hr Training mentor healing
  • Any of our 6.5 Hr Work Shops
  • Quarterly 45 session Daily
  • Mantras Audio
  • Daily Healing Audio
  • Daily Meditation Audio

Learn and receive my Vortex consciousness certificate level one Free help and support throughout the 12 months face book support page Certificate of completion and reference from me.

Free CD

All 12 month Packs special offer, if paid up front or within 6 months receive $500 Dollars of the 12 month Enlightenment Program!

About Me - Katherine Baldwin

Today more and more people are looking into natural therapies to compliment western medicines. Whether you are looking for spiritual healing, better spiritual connection, clarity in our lives, or just to simply relax in this busy world of ours. Its a wonderful way to reconnect with ones self and feel happy and at peace with our lives.

I invite anyone that wishes to enjoy and enhance there lives to consider taking a look at natural healing therapies at Angel Trance Healing. I really enjoy helping people and share my unique range of spiritual healing with all that need it.

For more information about the services we offer or to organise your next appointment, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an enquiry' button today

Vortex Subconscious Specialist since 2008, Reiki master, Doreen Virtue Realm Reader, Pellowah Practitioner, Soul Specialist, Meditation Specialist.


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