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Christina Bertram

Angels Alive

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Angels Alive

Servicing area

South Clayton, Victoria

Focus areas

Relaxation Growth Negative emotions Anxiety Emotions Well-being

About Me - Christina Bertram

My life has been a journey of growth, to embrace life to find the light within myself.
I am a passionate healer using my psychic abilities and deep connection with my angels, to help my clients move forward and find peace.

  • Member of AHHCA
  • Diploma of Spiritual Healing
  • Diploma Energy and Skeletal System

My Treatments

Massage and Healing - 1 hour
Using Trigger point therapy Christina combines energy healing and massage to increase your overall peace and wellbeing.

Holistic Counselling/ Meditation
Holistic counselling is a gentle way of healing mind body and soul, through the process
of guided meditations.
  • healing emotional issues, anxiety
  • relationships
  • finding direction in your life
  • building self confidence

Angel/ Psychic Readings
Receive messages and guidance. Experience peace serenity and wellbeing. Christina has followed her heart as a healer, sharing her guidance and wisdom.

Reiki sessions can help clear dis-ease within our body allowing total relaxation of mind body and spirit. Therapeutic and Relaxation massage can assist in relieving back pain, shoulder and neck pain and headaches.

Spiritual Energy Healings - 1.5 hours
Energy healings are a wonderful experience. The healings are designed to assist mind body and soul.
  • clearing your mind of past trauma
  • restoring vitality to your physical body and organs
  • bringing back a feeling of peace within

Skeletal Energy Healings - 1.5 hours (Includes Counselling)
Can assist with;
  • Arthritus
  • Neck and Shoulder
  • Lower back
  • Hips, Knees and Ankles

Sacred Mother Healings
Will bring you back to that feeling of oneness within.
The healings help release past life issues and negative emotions so you are able to enjoy life and move forward on your journey. Clearing your charkas and energy field, restoring balance to your body. Feel energized and alive. More energy with a feeling of well being

Flower Therapy Healing

A wonderful experience of feeling peaceful and relaxed. In combination with my healing abilities and my flower healing cards healing and balance of the aura will return, with a feeling of peace within the body.

Call Christina today on 0450 411 488, or 'Make an Enquiry' below, to find out more about her treatments, or to book your first session.