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Angelwhisperer Wellness Services - Debbi Kemp

Focus areas

Spirituality Telehealth Energy Chakra balancing Self discovery Emotional wellbeing


My practice is based on the concept that everything is energy and has a vibrational frequency. When we have discord in our energetic system it will show up as physical or emotional pain. Realignment of the bodies energy are offered in several modalities of the clients choice.

Our Services

  • Neural Skeletal Energy Alignments
  • Crystal Chakra Balancing
    NEW Body Bliss Alignments

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About Debbi Kemp

  • Certificate IV Government Accreditation in Wholistic Wellness 

I hold a Certificate IV Government Accreditation in Wholistic Wellness.   I have been in the field of counselling and psychology for many years on my own journey of self discovery. These qualifications now allow me to share with you my experience and knowledge.

A thirst for knowledge coupled with a clear understanding of human behaviors, mixed with my passion for spirituality, has driven me to bridge the gap between the two using my own varied personal experiences. With a keen sense of community, I am a frequent guest speaker at various community groups.

Wholistic Wellness means I treat the person as a whole and seek to determine the root cause of the presenting problem rather than just treat the symptoms. Let me help you hear the 'whispers' through the everyday chatter of your day that you may have missed.

Our pain, physical or emotional is an accumulation of toxins whether they be thoughts, what we ingest, personal care products, home cleaning products and environmental. To help clean up our physical world I recommend products at

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