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Animal Reiki Healing

Robyn Cochrane
Animal Reiki Healing

Animal Reiki Healing - Reiki / Animal Therapy


Why Reiki?

I first used Reiki on an animal in 2015 during the winter lambing period. A tiny lamb, no more than 2kgs in weight, was rescued and delivered into the care of the owners of the sanctuary at which I was volunteering one day a week. He was the tiniest lamb they had ever seen so they named him Tot.

Tot was only 2 days old when I met him and he was the most divine creature I had ever held. When we went inside for lunch and I picked him up to give him a cuddle. His breathing was rather laboured and the colour of his gums was not good. I held him in my arms, all the time giving him Reiki and willing him to live.

After about an hour his breathing returned to normal and his gums regained their healthy pink tinge. The owners of the sanctuary were astounded and said they had never had a lamb survive that sort of condition. They did not understand what had happened but that whatever I had done had saved his life. Tot is a now healthy sheep a member of my small flock.

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