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Anita Alexander Coaching Psychologist

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Anita Alexander Coaching Psychologist
Small Steps, Big Impact

Anita Alexander Coaching Psychologist

Do you know what you want, want it a lot, but your efforts arenít getting you there?

Do you have behaviour and thinking patterns that donít make you happy? Is everything fine, except for that one thing that you canít seem to shift or change?

Do you have a clear goal and just need some time and space to figure out how to get there?

Coaching Psychology will harness the will to move toward your goals, clarify your thoughts and feelings and resolve barriers to change.

What do you want your life to look like? Will you look back and say ĎI made the most of ití, or will you have regrets about what you didnít do?

Using small steps, realistic thinking and evidence based strategies, coaching psychology addresses unconscious blocks to what you want in your life Ė both the big and bold changes, and the small but significant.

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