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Do you suffer from chronic pain and inflammation?

Want to speed up your recovery after an injury or surgery?

Did you know Healthy Fascia is important for Inflammation Control, Wound Healing and Pain Releif?



Fascial Dynamic Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen Therapy"

...And what is Fascia?


Bowen Therapy is a gentle and non-invasive manual stimulation technique that helps to increase water reserves and suppleness in the Fascial Network.

​Fascia is located underneath your skin; it forms a continuous net throughout your entire body, similar to the pith of an orange.
Surface Fascia is located directly beneath the skin and Deep Fascia surrounds muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, organs/organ systems; including your brain. 
Consisting of 3 basic ingredients; Collagen, Elastin and Ground Substance, the Fascial Network is now recognised as one of our richest sensory organs.

One of Fascia's ingredients; ground substance, has an amazing property which is the ability to vary enormously from a watery 'sol-state' to a viscous 'gel-state' known as Thixotropy. It works like common gelatine, which solidifies while sitting in the refrigerator and melts when whipped vigorously, or when exposed to low heat.  Within areas of injury, little use/over use and even old age, the fascia can become dehydrated, making it difficult for water to flow through these tissues as the ground substance is less of a liquid, and more of a harder gel.  Dehydrated fascia can begin to restrict mobility, create pain and stiffness; leaving your body with less of a healing response.   
In Bowen Therapy, a cross-fibre Bowen move is applied accordingly to strategic locations on the fascial planes and junctions, which work to stimulate the fascial mechanoreceptors (sensory nerve endings in the fascia) creating body heat and bio-electric energy, allowing the fibres to separate, activating hydration in the bodies tissues and activating your bodies own healing response.  

Working with Trigger Points, Acupuncture sites, Meridians and the latest research in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Bowen Therapy can influence and have a positive effect on muscles, nerves, joints, organ systems and other organic complaints. A treatment can include designated wait times between moves giving the body opportunity to promote homeostasis of the body tissues and systems. 

Bowen Therapy Can Assist with:

Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Headaches, Dizziness or Vertigo

Joint Pain

Tendon & Ligament Problems

Sporting Injuries (Acute & Chronic)

Postural Problems and much more…


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Diploma Smart Bowen Remedial Therapy

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Fascial Dynamic Bowen Therapy