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Anita DiStasio

Anita DiStasio Naturopath

Gap Rd 670 Gap Rd Riddells Creek VIC 3431

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As a Naturopath, Anita can assess and educate, and help you to better understand the influences affecting your health and give you the necessary tools to enable you to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. These changes are supported by dietary and lifestyle adjustments, exercise and herbal, nutritional remedies.

Anita DiStasio

Servicing area

Gisborne and Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Focus areas

Intolerance Wellbeing Heavy metals Anxiety Complementary Stress Management

Anita has been in practise as a Naturopath for over 27 years, and combined with 37 years experience as a Registered Nurse Div 1, she has considerable practical experience of both orthodox and complementary medicine. She taught Health Sciences with the ACHH from 1998-2008, and lectured in Health Sciences and Nutrition at Holmesglen TAFE 2008-2009.
Anita also has 10 years experience as a Diabetes Nurse Educator. She is currently studying Ayurvedic Medicine.

Anita has always had the passion and enthusiasm to help others help themselves, and to focus on the prevention of disease. She continually upgrades her skills through courses and regular seminars.

Apart from taking a thorough case history, which includes looking at your dietary and lifestyle habits, and underlying health conditions, Anita is trained to utilise screening tools to help recognise how different signs and symptoms may relate to your health status. She works with you to develop an individual treatment program to improve your health. Any treatment program takes into account what the client is realistically able to manage at that time.

Testing Offered At Clinic

    • QuadScan 4000 – a scientifically validated test known as Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis (BIA),  that is a quick, safe and non-invasive screening of the body to ascertain body composition and cellular health. This provides insight into the impact that your diet and lifestyle choices, and nutritional requirements.

    • Heavy Metal testing 

    • Biofeedback Technologies 

    • Fitgenes or Clinical Services Genetic Profiling - based on the science of how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices interact with your genes to influence your health and wellbeing. A simple, non-invasive saliva sample which is sent to the laboratory to profile. From the results, I design a personalised program and work with you to maximise your health potential.

    • Zinc Tally – to evaluate the status of a client’s zinc levels

    • Blood pressure monitoring

    • Urinalysis including pH

Functional Pathology Testing – to check gut and liver health, hormonal health, allergies and intolerances, environmental toxicities and more

The Riddells Creek Clinic has a full Naturopathic and Homoeopathic dispensary.

Anita is especially interested in educating and providing you with an understanding of the influences affecting your health and giving you the necessary tools to enable you to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. These changes are supported by dietary and lifestyle adjustments, herbal and nutritional remedies.

Her clinical experience covers a wide range of disorders from acute to the longer term chronic patterns of illness. However, Anita's specific clinical interests are in:

    • all aspects of diabetes management, including prevention
    • Cardiovascular Health
    • Thyroid and autoimmune disorders
    • Weight management and healthy eating advice
    • Menopause
    • Digestive health
    • Personalised detox programs
    • Inflammatory conditions
    • stress, anxiety and altered sleep patterns
    • fatigue
    • lowered immunity
    • supporting people with cancer including help to deal with side effects of orthodox cancer treatment

Clinic Hours / Contact Numbers

Anita practises from:

670 Gap Rd, Riddells Creek 
Ph. (03) 5427 0880 or 0438 359 206

    • Weekdays 9am to 5.30pm and Saturdays by appointment

      The clinic is located 10 minutes from the Calder Freeway via New Gisborne. A map with directions is available on our website at


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