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Anna Comerford

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Anna's many skills help to guide others along their path so that they can seek new ways of living, loving and being.

Anna Comerford

About Anna

Anna is deeply passionate about everything to do with health, healing, and making this life one of growth, wisdom, and amazing possibilities.

Over three decades ago, in her early 20s, Anna was dealing with pain, bad habits, and challenges. It took many years of healing and learning to reach where she is today. Anna has been honoured to work, and walk alongside, thousands of people, to help them in their own healing and development.

If you are ready for TRANSFORMATION and change, you have come to the right place. Your journey begins TODAY!


Anna is truly a gifted healer. After years of serving this country, here and overseas, in war and trauma zones, I became broken and was unable to serve others as a member of the helping profession. Medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists can only do so much. In the end I needed someone who would help me heal on a Soul level. Anna was able to describe to me details of my mother that only someone with spiritual gifts could possibly know, details I’ve never shared with anyone. These details were what I needed to trust Anna and get to the root of my troubles. I’m well on my road to peace again…” (Francis, 2014)

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