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Anna McRobert

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32 years of Kinesiology study, knowledge, expertise, clinical experience, teaching & training others are harnessed to ensure you get the best health outcome.

About Anna McRobert

Focus areas

Nervous system Hormones Fitness Breakdown Natural medicine Physical pain

Do you Want Solutions for:

  • always being tired
  • bloated and uncomfortable
  • reactions to foods
  • physical pain
  • restricted movement
  • injury
  • learning difficulties
  • feeling unmotivated or down
  • getting back on track
  • emotional reactions
  • distressed by others behaviour
  • overwhelm
    and stress to your eyeballs

your body stores it all.
There are solutions with Kinesiology.
Qualification Details

  • Anna is a Level 3 Registered Kinesiology Practitioner, has a Diploma of Kinesiology, is a Touch For Health Instructor and Instructor Trainer, and a Three In One Concepts Facilitator and Workshop Instructor.

  • She has studied many streams of Kinesiology, and also Neuro-Linguistic Programming, various forms of Massage including Psycho Peristaltic Massage, Bowen Technique and Myofascial Release, and other natural therapy modalities, plus Communications, and programs on personality patterns like Myers Briggs, since her early start in the pioneering days of the 1980s.

  • For 10 years Anna taught three streams of Kinesiology at the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

  • Today Anna continues to conduct a successful clinic practice and teaches both Touch For Health Workshop Series for physical, nutritional and energy balance and Three in One Concepts Workshop Series for mental, emotional and behavioural balance. The two kinesiology series are brilliant Kinesiology foundations for both lay people and professionals. These tools will serve your entire lifetime - and the best part is all you need are your two hands and a heart that cares.

Recognition Awards

  • 1984 In Recognition of your Contribution to The Growth of Touch For Health, from John Thie, DC, President TFH Foundation

  • 1984 July International Committee Member, Anna McRobert, Touch For Health World wide Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, July 1984.

  • 1985 July In Recognition of Your Contribution To the Growth of Touch For Health, from John F. Thie, DC, President TFH Foundation

  • 1990 July Merit Award In Recognition of Your Contribution to the Growth of Touch For Health from International Annual Meeting San Diego, California.

  • 2000 Oct Australian Kinesiology Association acknowledges Anna McRobert for outstanding contribution to the development and recognition of Kinesiology in Australia, from AKA National Conference Qld. 

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Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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