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27 years of study, knowledge, expertise, clinical experience, teaching & training others are harnessed to ensure you get the best health outcome.

Anna McRobert - Kinesiologist

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What Is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is a holistic health care approach with solutions specifically matched to your individual situation and needs. It is unique in that it connects into your inbuilt body healing systems and programs to discover the best solutions for you.

How does it do that you might ask? Well, Kinesiology makes use of your own muscle response as biofeedback. This accesses the record of stresses and strains stored in your cellular memory. Your body is very willing to co-operate in regaining wellness when you know how to consult it and provide its needs for recovery. Muscle response testing identifies where the imbalance exists and the corrections that will resolve the problems and rebalance functions.

Benefits of Kinesiology
Kinesiology provides solutions so you:

  • look and feel better and better
  • increase your energy
  • get rid of gas and bloating
  • normalize hormones
  • generate greater efficiency of internal organ functions
  • reduce and eliminate aches and pains
  • loosen up muscles and tension
  • improves posture and co-ordination
  • helps overcome learning difficulties
  • soothes and calms your nervous system
  • reduces stress

Does that sound like a tall order?

The only way you will really know is to experience it for yourself.

Genetics, environment, people and life experiences all leave their influence that together makes you the unique human being you are today. The day-to-day demands of life add up and can create imbalances in your energy and body functions that progressively lead to symptoms, inefficiencies and tissue breakdown. 
And disappointments, frustrations and stresses too take their toll on your immune system, on your energy and your zest for life.

That's not a fun way to live. 

Let Kinesiology show you a better way.
Your own muscle response identifies the best way to rebalance your energy, speed up healing, add to and make the best use of your internal resources. Simply stated, Kinesiology activates and boosts your bodys innate ability to repair and rejuvenate.

The great bonus is that benefits are cumulative.
Kinesiology supports healing and enhances health and wellbeing so you get more enjoyment and pleasure out of life every day.

Im really glad my yoga friend suggested I see Anna to help me get my health and energy back on track. What she does really works ... " Shirl Farquhar

Don't wait for a breakdown. Boost and protect your health with good regular maintenance. Kinesiology can be a preventative as well as a correction.

Take action now. Make an appointment to experience first hand muscle response testing and the gentle yet powerful and safe corrections and strategies that Kinesiology provides. Feel the benefits yourself of maximizing your energy and enhancing your health, resolving existing issues, be they physical, nutritional, mental, emotional or spiritual. 

For too long we have looked outside for solutions to what is happening inside ourselves. With Kinesiology the inside story becomes clear as does the best choice for improvement and regaining balance in your energy, in your health and in your life. You deserve the best outcome possible. 

Make an appointment now. 

Phone 07-3378 2050 or Email 

and experience the benefits for yourself. 

For those who want to know how it all works and how to use it for yourself, attending workshops is valuable and fun. Two streams of Kinesiology I present, Touch For Health & Three In One Concepts, are excellent foundation programs in Kinesiology systems and are run in a hands-on workshop format.

These workshops build awareness and create a great appreciation of just how wonderfully we are put together. The changes happen immediately under your hands, even as a brand new student, and you can feel and see the improvements. Come and enjoy learning with like-minded people.

For existing health practitioners these Kinesiology workshops provide excellent additional tools and skills and enhance your current work too. The strategies learned at the workshops will serve you for your entire life, always at your fingertips, whether in a personal at home environment or in a professional setting.

Come and join in and be fascinated by what you learn and how it changes your life.

Contact me for workshops details:
Phone 07-3378 2050 or Email

FREE REPORTS ON: Stress Release, Pain Managment, Food Testing, Learning Difficulties for children and adults. Mini workshops are available on these topics and others.

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  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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